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The world's largest trees can help fight climate change

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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An investigation on the effect of climate change on forests of redwood, reveals that these trees have prospered as global temperatures rise, and also indexes could reverse carbon in the atmosphere.

The team Redwoods & Climate Change Initiative, a program conducted by the University of Berkeley, Humboldt State University and Save the Redwoods League, examined the rings of these trees on the north coast of California.

The researchers found that the redwoods were unprecedented growth in recent decades, and that its forests stored up to three times more carbon than other types of plants worldwide.

"Not only are trees that grow rapidly, but also store carbon in the wood, " said Emily Burns, Director of Science for Save the Redwoods League, told The Huffington Post.

The results indicate that the redwoods not only survive climate change, but could be a natural defense against rising carbon levels in the atmosphere.

For the study samples were taken over 70 trees and found that they had record growth in timber and its circumference in recent decades.

The research also found that the worst year for the redwoods was 1580. "That was the year in which Sir Francis Drake reported having ice in your sails while sailing along the coast of California, " said Burns to that medium.

Although the relationship between climate and growth rates are quite suggestive, the team warns that the cause is still not entirely clear, and that this increase could be due to the reduction of pollution or greater efforts against forest fires.

What is clear is that "the results reinforce our mission to protect the redwoods" and that its "ancient forests remain vibrant as a shelter for other plants and animals in the foreseeable future, " said Burns.


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