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U.S. states against harmful animals began to hunt at night

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U.S. states against harmful animals began to hunt at night
States Targeting Animal Pests With Night Hunting By John Ostendorffand Karen Chavez USA Today Feb 26, 2012 Aixu Wei, Nanna North Carolina State (Ashville, NC) - In the United States, more and more states have started to target vandalism and dangerous animals, allowing people to kill them in the evening. North Carolina Nanna propose new regulations - in the evening to allow hunters to shoot coyotes and wild boar. Holder (Brad Howard), North Carolina Government wildlife biologist told reporters. Indiana-based National Association of invasive animal hunter director Bruce (Jason Bruce) said that in December, the Arizona opening night hunting hunting mountain lions. Last year, started opening night hunting coyotes in between. Tennessee identified in last year to fully cull boars, therefore allowing them to state-owned land owner may at night on private land hunting wild boar. According to their data indicate that wildlife office. Wild boar is considered often damage crops and houses land. "They ran to turn trash, eating bird food on the outside, but also to the family pet to eat the food we eat." Li Kada (Carolyn Rickard) said. She is a North Carolina Wildlife Resources spokesman for the organization. Holder said, hyenas and wild boar soon be able to adapt to the form of hunting people into "night" animals. In the United States there are 42 states allow night hunting. Bruce said. His association at its inception in 2009, a week can be contacted every 80, 000 people. Some landowners, even by a wild boar problem, or not sure they would want to kill these wild boar in the evening. "I would not say I am against, because this method can help us control the problem of too many wild boar in a residential area, but I let a lot of landlords for the night on private land, near the house where neighbors chasing wild boar hunting practices that should be more cautious, because this may produce another kind of problem. "Kelly (Collen Carey) said that she lived in North Carolina Cai Yong pigs by mountains (Hogback Mountain, Tryon, NC). Last year, a group of her backyard wild boar visit. Said Bruce nighttime hunting accident experience very little, some landlords welcome such hunting. He said that instead of allowing the government to spend taxpayer money to kill or be placed traps to catch wild boar or coyote, not as open to the landlords themselves hunted. Fox (Camilla Fox), North Carolina Coyotes Case Executive Director said, "In the evening coyote hunting is morally indefensible, and is reckless and irresponsible for the ecology is." She said the night hunting would not only pose a threat to endangered species such as the red wolf, even in the daytime and the wolf are difficult to distinguish, not to mention the people will pose a threat to pets. She believes that hunting can not control the number of wolves. Wolf will give birth again because the next generation of sufficient number to cover their lower. Translated by SummerOcean


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