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August 27, 2013 – 17:04

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The City> Animal Control At the special meeting of December 10, 2012, a contract was awarded to the International Canine Centre (ITC) located at 305 Lawrence Street in Greenfield Park, which will:

  • receive and deal with all diligence calls for service from the municipality or the police board Richelieu-Saint-Laurent (RIPRSL) ;
  • Make-picking dead animals (except moose, bears and animals raised on a farm) and carcass disposal in accordance with laws and regulations;
  • -Capture and keep stray dogs, abandoned or hazardous and other pets;
  • investigate to find the owner or keeper of the animals collected, otherwise the offer for adoption (unless they are sick or to be aggressive, in which case euthanasia is practiced in accordance with the applicable veterinary protocol);
  • -Work closely with the City and RIPRSL.

Citizens who require assistance from the ICC must first contact the fire department or outside of office opening hours at RIPRSL .

As pricing is established "piece" (collection, hosting, layout), ITC will submit a monthly report of activities held in the territory on the needs served by the Municipality or RIPRSL.

ITC must meet municipal regulations concerning animals but does not act as an authority for its implementation, which is the RIPRSL.

Capture of animals

The applicant's expense citizen, ITC can install a cage, capture and relocate a skunk, raccoon, squirrel or other animal present on the property at a cost of $ 100.

Wild Animals

Contact the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks (MDDEFP) or visit the tip sheets available on its website.

Fire Department

Updated Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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