Animal Communication Department of Mi universal? (Next)

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

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The problem is that desire to control pets and ignorance

The last share with you three "mistaken animals and heart is omnipotent" myth quite interesting, but not too much destruction to fall to continue to say it really is INCREDIBLE your life 3000. In fact, a little less control, and worry a little more go with the flow, will be able to enhance the quality along with the pet.

Myth four: You can Well can you ask too deep point?

This myth is often compelled to speak of a division and heart ring, some owners obviously have to get along in everyday very understanding pet's personality and likes and dislikes, but why have to play Do not know to ask, and many times is some unnecessary things, such as " Well like you like her mother ah? "If you like small animals A. Well, the owner also tease, A pet without feeling they feel cold. As a start has been set up small pets must answer like, Why Zhong Yao ask? And ask them nor practical help. Do one kind of successful cases and heart, the most pointless!

Myth five: in fact, they are all masters of the problem ......

Wushao pet owners feel that along with the problems are because the animals have their own problems, behavioral problems drag drag blame Well obedient animal, animal health problems because of poor health, but in fact a pet issue, nine out of ten owners have their own problems . The animal was acquired great health depends diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, which all are tied by the owner of the decision, in the end you serve baa pet food? Rate the? Have it do enough exercise? Even some animals appear more critical health problems, and heart to find love animals should not ask teachers euthanasia. Silly you? Born in harmony with nature and animals die quickly point the session? So he fire needle, also the owner of the problem.

Behavioral problems, in fact, in many cases, also lies in the master itself. There was the owner because puppies do not love the street walking, barking every time out will be tense and animals pass through the heart to find the answer, because the original is simply puppy prefer to stay in a quiet home. So that the "problem" itself, in fact, not an animal, but rather whether the owner must puppy "love out to take a walk" only.


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