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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Reporter Lin Yu Ling / roundup

U.S. a 17-year-old female high school students in Florida's St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Florida) an animal shelter volunteer, recently her after work, actually was a wolf attack attempted sexual assault. Fortunately, beside a man named "Maybelline" (Mabeline) heroic stray dogs barking loudly after seeing this, ran away this scoundrel, and therefore girls rescued.

▲ named Maybelline heroic stray dogs only 17 kg, did not afraid of big burly villain. (Figure / WTSP 10 News )

Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, this high-born women caring hospice services finished preparing to leave, suddenly a man grabbed her, but has also pulled her hair, knocked her to the ground, intentional violations. Fortunately, there was a shelter called "Maybelline" (Mabeline) Rhodes Mejia mixed breeding dogs back with the girls went into the alley behind.

Witnessed all this "Maybelline" did not fear, and immediately alert to issue vicious barking to warn wolf, allow this to stop evil wolf is frightened, the girl caught and therefore opportunity, smooth escape.

It is reported that the wolf named Mike Bacon (Michael Bacon), is a recidivist rapes, was also arrested by the police questioning. And heroic stray dogs "Maybelline" is also act of kindness, has recently been adopted. New owner Mary ‧ carat Han (Mary Callahan) in the adoption before it, it did not know the heroic deeds; after that is also very proud, straight it says, "You're a hero!"

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