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August 27, 2013 – 14:26

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Living in New York> Family, Children

Americans love pets: cats and dogs especially. But also snakes and iguanas, who won the votes of many New Yorkers who have opted for the exotic. The chic is having a huge aquarium reptiles in his living room, or wear her favorite snake around his neck. Having an animal "fur" is perhaps more difficult than elsewhere in New York, the city is not really suitable for walks and romping. This is probably why the city has set up "Dogs spaces" in the parks (there's one in Washington Square Park, in particular). Americans, they say, spend fortunes for their animals, both for their comfort and for their health. We prepare you below a small range of solutions to help you solve any problems you might have to meet.

Import an animal

The importation of cats and dogs in this country is governed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Center for Disease Control, or CDC , based in Atlanta. You should know that all animals are subject to controls. If you want to come to New York with your pet, there should be no signs of illness. Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before entering the United States (except for puppies less than three months). It is imperative that their health records is completed, and they had a visit to the vet less than a month before their departure for the United States. (Measures valid in 2003). For more information introuvées on the CDC website, you can call the CDC at (404) 639-8107.

Experience: The comment Honorine in our forum PRACTICE (4 May 2005): "I will walk a detailed follow for a successful animal with your installation: 1) at the time of booking of the ticket: prevent the airline you will be accompanied by an animal to travel in the cabin it must be less than five pounds in cabin luggage as it will travel in a rigid body homologuee Ialta 2) one month before departure:... updating the vaccination and in particular rabies vaccine 3) weeks preceding the departure:. to establish a certificate of good health from your veterinarian think a request spray pheromone spray in a crate that will calm the animal (Feliway), and if necessary tranquilizers tablets (Calmivet) 4) At the airport: adjust the ticket of the animal 80 euros at the counter of the company To save cash with luggage Present the certificate of good health for a trip... hold a person comes to remove the case to the time you will agree and handles to activate the heating in the bunker 5) Upon arrival:.. Indicate on paper customs transit you import an animal Recuper the union having voyagee in bunker beside the carpet bags. Exit the airport and the proud look relieves the heart. I hope these tips will be helpful. Honorine "


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