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October 4, 2012 – 00:00

Judge orders execute three pitbulls

A new case of injustice is shocking residents of the city of Austin,Texas,United States,where three pitbulls - Leo,Dawn and Gorgo - the same tutor - Christopher Joseph Grant - were killed.Indictment: defended themselves from a dog that attacked in a park.It all started on the 6th of September,when Grant took the trio to a park for a training session led by him.While Leo,Dawn and Gorgo were with collars,a dog mongrel terrier who escaped the leash ran toward pitbulls and attacked. While the 3 dogs fought to defend,the owner of the terrier kicked and hit in pitbulls. Following,Dawn tied to a tree and started beating the dog,not bothering to try to control your own dog.
When the police arrived with an ambulance,Grant was lying on the floor with an asthma attack.The situation between the dogs was already normalized.However,the pitbulls were seized by "being out of control of the tutor."Leo,Dawn and Gorgo were taken to the Animal Control Center of the City of Austin.The dog that attacked was taken home by his tutor and was quarantined for a week. According to Grant,the report which reported that he had been bitten by the terrier was "lost" as a witness who gave a statement assured that the owner of the terrier suffered no bite during the incident with the three pitbulls.Grant also was not allowed to see his dogs.The officer of the Center for Animal Control City of Austin,Chris Noble,was emphatic: "Do not ever come here."
Grant mourned Leo,Dawn and Gorgo and was the subject of mockery by the servers of the Center for Animal Control.Days later,the three dogs were "sentenced" to death by a judge who heard the case and ignored all the evidence showing that they were innocent.Three accused of pitbulls attack was enough to order the sacrifice of the dogs that were docile,happy and peaceful - two of them still had certified NSAR animals to support people with emotional problems.

Grant is heartbroken with the execution of their mascots

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