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Lonely Planet Italy - CROCODILE IN FLORIDA, diary of Graziella Brusa

August 27, 2013 – 14:25


Travelogue in Florida, short and exhilarating. The story is based on the experience of the two main protagonists, Rudia and Grace, that explore the most tip 'southern United States of' America. Grace and 'the most' is excited, 'cause it's the first time on North American soil, and because' has a romantic nature and through his imagination imagine past lives, faces, animals sometimes surreal, which saw at the cinema or read in books. Rudia engineer by profession and 'usually venture out to the world, pragmatic, solves problems, as usual, present and yet dispels the anxieties of her partner. It's not 'the first time that our heroes traveling on planet earth, we are going to look like' to finish their new adventure .... among the crocodiles.

Thursday 13/12/2007

7:20 am Departure from Caselle Airport - Turin.
To-Frankfurt Lufthansa Flight.
We left for the airport at least two hours before, however the tail that has' created at passport control and baggage, very nearly, he made us miss the flight.
Take off perfect.
Grey skies of Turin, but the excitement and 'strong for what we would live in them' a little. Fifty minutes of flight, during which the crew gives us some biscuits to German, accompanied by a drink. Just enough time to consume the frugal snack and here we see the Earth from the porthole Germanic and the mega airport Frankfurt.
Landing in Frankfurt.
Anxiety attacks us for prospection of any major hitch. All the information system that manages the entire air traffic dell'aereporto and 'black out: it is not yet known which bus will be there to pick up and is not' all, the gates have changed and everything and 'become manual.
Time passes, five, ten, fifteen minutes! We have the time counted.
Grace, opens his eyes, hair system, nails you eat, look at the porthole if someone comes to pull them down ', he turns to Rudia, quizzically.
Rudia, unflappable, says, "We have no time do not worry."

Rudia, what a man! Always so 'calm when it comes to travel, to take planes, buses, trains, camels, bicycles, that' any means to take us somewhere else. The movement and 'congenial, going towards something that does not yet know, but know' does not scare him rather stimulates and 'happy when walking down a steep road, when driving a car or a truck for five or six hundred miles without stopping, possibly on experimental aircraft when flying, when silent, paddle a canoe, and also becomes an active part of the framework of existence.

Expect, we enter the airport, we head towards the tabellono departures: and 'haywire.
Then we head towards an information desk, and the traditional Teutonic efficiency, through some trivial papyri, the clerk tells us promptly correct gate.
Getting back to the plane, while the sky is even more 'gray, but we are happy.
The crew of UNITED, all-American, alarm Grace: "How are the sloppy American hostess and then they seem to be 100 years old!" and Rudia "Would you rather pull all the stewardesses of Alitalia, but inefficient!"

Source: www.lonelyplanetitalia.it

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