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Those big eyes are perhaps recording your every move for their masters aliens?According to some conspiracy theorists,the answer is yes.Picture of Keith Kissel via Wikimedia Commons .

Attention,friends of cats.A theory circulating on the internet with which you will have to reckon with.I am not speaking of the idea that the parasites in cat poop can turn you into gattare crazy ,even though it is definitely a cause for alarm.It is much worse.

Domestic cats may be sentinels alien,sent to spy on us and report their findings to the mother ship.Or,as some theorists have put it,a kind of alien recorders that follow our every move.

Be ',perhaps.Humans have a strange passion for conspiracy theories,and there is a good chance that this is only one of many.As revealed in a survey published in the last days ,51 percent of Americans believe that the murder of JFK was a conspiracy; 15 percent think that "the government or the media add technologies to mind control signals to the TV, " and four percent is convinced that the mutant reptilian monitor the government.

Without a proper system of survey is impossible to know how widespread the theory of cat-spies-alien (if any,please contact me).Reasonably,we tend to think "very little".But back to the data above,four percent is much higher than one would expect for the theory of lizard men,and the same goes for 29 percent convinced that aliens exist and the 14 percent who think Bigfoot exists,then who can say?

As with most conspiracy theories,that of the cat-spies-alien is based on a kernel of truth and real ambiguity.How much?I decided to examine some of the evidence to support,one by one,from the list published by a user on the bulletin board of Digital Kaos ,English forum on technology.I have appropriate (having slightly revised in favor of style and clarity),with the original points in bold.

Examine the evidence and decide for yourself:

1.There is no documentation prior to Ancient Egypt which mentions the existence of cats.And in ancient Egypt,these animals were worshiped as gifts of the gods.

As with many of these points,the phrase is mostly true,but at the same time controversial.To find out more about the fossil record I wrote to Ryan Haupt ,a paleontologist at the University of Wyoming,as stated in a previous interview ,"studying the lives of modern mammals to better understand what they did in the past their extinct relatives. "He explained to me that Egypt is" the most likely hypothesis "for the origin of species of domestic felines,but stressed that" the skeletons were found in the most ancient sites of cat. "

According to Wild Cats of the World ,a book by Mel and Fiona Sunquist,export,domestic cats was illegal in ancient Egypt.This may explain why cats do not appear in the testimonies of other civilizations up to thousands of years after the first Egyptian documents.And the fact that the skeletons of the oldest cat has been found by other parties does not provide "evidence that were or were not domesticated, " says Haupt,who adds,however,that "probably" were not.

Source: misteroinlinea.blogspot.com

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