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February 27, 2012 – 00:00

Women have children the disadvantages and benefits

Harm a pregnant woman's memory decline will

It seems from the various research reports, case memory loss during pregnancy seems to be yes, then the student after completing it? Is not it will have to worsen? I believe this is something we are very concerned about. 1993 ShaareZedek Israel Medical Center studied 100 pregnant women has just finished production, the use of Wechsler logical memory test and visual reproduction test two kinds of methods, and with the non-pregnant women, high-risk pregnancy trimester pregnant women, newborn's father other for comparison and found that these newly born baby's mother, in the production after a day or two, the memory capacity significantly worse, the researchers hope that this phenomenon can provide medical care for mothers or their families as a reference.

2001 Japan Saga Medical School also uses visual memory tests to reproduce the way of 54 pregnant women and found that postpartum birth to three or four days, memory is also the phenomenon of decline, but not full-term production, or no one month postpartum problems, although these reasons are not clear, but it seems from the report, after the birth of a child should be back to normal, otherwise the child before birth to many people, not all of them are suffering from amnesia it.

Cons 2, pregnant woman will face a long hudieban

Study found that: About 20% of pregnant women ministers out of the cheeks after pregnancy spots. This is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, because pregnancy increased placental estrogen secretion sake. In general, do not require any treatment, after production, secretion of estrogen the body back to normal state after pregnancy spots most people will gradually faded or disappeared.

Cons 3, make a woman pregnant body is covered with "stretch marks"

Stretch marks, once formed, life is not likely to disappear, to the beauty of the mothers brought great trouble. If you want to do "no stretch marks mother", you need to do a good job in preventing pregnancy, postpartum good care!

Harm 4, pregnant women postpartum obesity causes

Most pregnant women in the 25-30 years old children. At this point the body's metabolic rate has started to decrease, and then bid farewell to the regular exercise fertility, the era of hard work, even if the same number of diet, obesity increases the likelihood of necessity. In particular, many women or the elderly nanny to help the children and housework burden is not heavy, pregnancy, yard nowhere accumulation of fat consumption, body fat is not hard to understand. As long as the pregnancy when the attention of weight control, positive postpartum recovery, many mothers can easily revert to a child's weight before. So, to see you are not a scientific attention to detail and postpartum pregnancy diet restored.

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