New York: shelters for animals fleeing

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

The Associated Press NEW YORK, USA - Winston escaped death to regain the paradise of piglets.

The little pink pig that was found along a busy boulevard in the neighborhood of Queens, New York, among the hundreds of animals - including cows, sheep, goats and chickens - that have apparently succeeded in escape, in recent years, the increasing number of urban slaughterhouses that make up the American metropolis.

Those who manage to escape are usually transferred to an animal sanctuary north of the city, where they can sell quiet days without fear of ending up in a pot.

"(Pets) who come here are not all nice, warned Susie Coston, director of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that hosted the last ten years more than 500 farm animals from the city. They know the smell of blood and they are afraid and they are very nervous. They always want to run away. "

The case of Winston, which owes its name to the readers of a newspaper that was interested in his fate, is not uncommon. The piglet was apparently leaking for several days when he was finally caught in an area of ​​town where there are several butchers offering slaughter of live animals to their customers.

He was sent to the Sanctuary of Watkins Glen, a farm of 175 acres where he can have fun.

"Winston is going really well, said Ms. Coston. (He goes) his nights roll in the earth and in the mud with her best friend Ruby, a piglet who recently fell off a transport truck. "

Other residents of the sanctuary include Maxine, a cow caught in Queens six years ago after a police chase. An ear tag reveals that she was destined for slaughter, like a found in the South Bronx and a lamb rescued at a busy intersection in Brooklyn goat.

During the last year alone, the New York animal control officers had to catch up over a hundred chickens, 27 ducks, three goats and a pig.

Currently found in New York nearly 90 butchers where animals are slaughtered on the spot, two times more than 20 years ago due to the arrival of immigrants accustomed to consume freshly prepared meats. Animals - whether of birds, goats and sheep - are slaughtered and eviscerated on the spot, at the speed of lightning and compliance with Halal or Kosher practices.

New Yorkers who see an animal fleeing called the authorities, who are catching up and send them to a temporary sanctuary before transferring to a half-dozen private sanctuaries that account the state.


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