SPREAD THE TRUTH 777: Mysterious fish deaths

August 12, 2013 – 00:00

Dolphin death in Ocean View, July 31, 2013. Photo by Hildebrand WAVY / Walter.

Another victim dolphin was discovered in the area of Ocean View, which is the third in a few days. The dolphin was found near Beaumont Avenue and seems to be in a state of decomposition. This is the third dead dolphin washed up on a beach in Ocean View in about a week and the fourth in the past three weeks. Earlier this month, 10 On Your Side asked the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center if there could be a link between the death of the dolphins, and they said no.

Now, biologists at the aquarium are a little more concerned. "We're a little worried about it, " said Mark Swingle with the Virginia Aquarium. "It's certainly a lot higher than what we're used to seeing at this time of year." Swingle said there are a number of reasons that dolphins die - disease, predation, or simply to thank you for nets or fishing boats. And even if it is the season of Premier dolphin deaths dolphins along the Chesapeake Bay is unusually high for this time of year. "We have since this morning, about 82 strandings of dolphins for the year, and we usually average about a year 64 strandings of dolphins. So it's definitely high, "said Swingle.

Third dead dolphin.

An aquarium press release said 44 of the 82 stranded dolphins happened this year in July - the average for July is seven. Wiring Response Team of the aquarium is to work with NOAA Fisheries to investigate the causes of death, but it will take time. "We know how to investigate strandings of dolphins, we know how to look into whether or not the animal is sick or ill, " said Swingle. "And things like that, the challenge is, it takes a little time for this kind of tests to run. "Most recent dolphin strandings are exclusively male, the statement of the aquarium. Aquarium receives support from other members of the National Marine Mammal Network Wiring and so few dolphins Hampton Roads will be transported to North Carolina for review. If you see a beached animal, do not touch. Instead, call the stranding hotline any time of day or of the night: (757) 385-7575 - Corrugated..

5 more dead dolphins washed up in Virginia, bringing the total this year to 87.
Five more dead dolphins stranded on the beaches of Virginia Thursday. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center NewsChannel 3 confirms that a dolphin was found in the Ocean View section of Norfolk and four others were found in counties including Gloucester and Mathews. 5 additional deaths dolphins bringing the total number of stranded dolphins recovered by Stranding Response Team of the Virginia Aquarium to 87 for the year. In July, 44 dolphins have been found by the team, compared to 7 they usually see in the month.

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