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August 27, 2013 – 14:25

North Florida Animal Rescue — Pets for Patriots

Forty-two dogs rescued from a dog breeding in Florida, in the United States, after being found covered with feces and full of infections. Blitz of law enforcement in struttra of Venica, Sarasota County, where the animals were in a deplorable condition.
Jan White, Little Dog Rescue animal rights association, told the local TV station WOFL: "It had never happened to cry for dogs, but when I walked in there I burst into tears. Look at their little faces and you know you do not can speak to defend themselves, but they just want someone to take them home and hugging them. This is probably a situation where they started breeding and then they went out of control when they arrived in 360 dogs. was time to stop ".
The puppies were taken to veterinary hospitals for treatment of Central Florida and as soon as they are healed, they will be placed in foster care. Clay Glenn, East Orlando Animal Hospital, said: "This is an act of negligence very marked. Would not expect ever that such a thing could happen in today's society."

Source: www.nelcuore.org

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