RSV4R test Aprilia APRC 2011 in full powa track

June 30, 2011 – 00:00


Animal racing

As with other models in the series with the Aprilia Performance Riding Control, electronic pack racing element is the most you will ever find on an approved motorcycle road. The differences with the motorcycle world champion Max Biaggi are not as great as you imagine and performance this bike is able to offer is the level of a recent superbike.TEST Aprilia RSV4 R APRC

Here not as valuable components for Factory SE but the elements and "raw" materials that slightly increase the weight of the bike and reduces the exclusivity, without changing the overall behavior of the machine that is running an animal . Let's be clear, you simply remove the blinkers, mirrors and license plate and you can sign up for an endurance championship without being ridiculous, or remove the headlights to participate in high level races.TEST Aprilia RSV4 R APRC

Obviously there is no Ohlins suspension and there is plastic instead of carbon, but if you are amateur and not professional drivers, you go faster anyway because Showa front and rear Sachs are completely adjustable. The big difference between the SE and sophisticated R (in terms of driving precision and performance) for the rims, extremely lightweight and forged on the Factory, able to give better handling and directional rigorously limiting the gyroscopic effect.TEST Aprilia RSV4 R APRC

It goes fast?

We always ask this question before our tests, but in this case it sounds a bit wrong: here it is obvious that this bike is terrible we had the opportunity to spend a full day with her ​​on the Adria circuit! Italy, we did not find at the top to turn the performance of the bike, but we tried to live up to explore the electronic controls.

Adria is a slow track, tortuous and "stop & go" with stops and starts, ideal ground to toy with the traction control.

The impression felt when we finally set foot on the ground is always the most important and determines the overall estimate will be done with the bike. This time, after 10 laps, the feeling is summed up in one word: "mortal". We are dealing with a professional motorcycle, a beast reserved for more experienced drivers who know what that means speed.

The principle is actually that of a racing bike: a device created to give the best of himself on timed routes. The Aprilia RSV4 R APRC therefore may not be suitable for all audiences. The initial impact may seem hostile, but a few turns we quickly realized that this bike pushes you to your limits by requesting a concentration from beginning to end.

The front of the motorcycle attack entries corners with pinpoint accuracy with a stable support and crazy power out of the turn. The needle of the turn off at a phenomenal rate and the chassis wicks tons of drive torque are discharged onto the asphalt. On the Trail of the Adria International Raceway it was impossible to stay in the fourth more than a second, to get an idea.



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