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August 27, 2013 – 14:26

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The service animal control for the City of La Pocatière aims to protect and assist the pets (cats and dogs). It meets the needs of the municipality to collect stray animals and to inform the population. These cats and dogs have a chance to make demand or to be adopted by a new family.

Services are offered to residents of the City of La Pocatière only. However we are in contact with controllers for animals from surrounding municipalities and often we exchanged services.

Service Animal Control is not a shelter or Humane Society (SPA or SPCA). We can not collect your animals or kittens and puppies that your pet has had.

Based on humanitarian principles, the mission is:

• Protect animals abandoned, sick or lost;
• Represent their interests and ensure their well-being;
• Encourage collective awareness and develop compassion for all living beings.

These actions result in actions such as:

• Receive up to 85 animals abandoned or lost per year;
• To adopt 56 of these animals;
• Find the owners of 29 of the latter;
• Educate the public about the benefits of sterilization;
• Advise people in their proposed adoption of an animal;
• Avoid impulse adoptions.

Some tips if you find an animal

• Any stray animal should be returned to the pound because the municipality could belong to someone who search.
• It is imperative not to keep for several days, an animal that has been found since it deprives the owner of the opportunity to find when looking at the pound.
• You can always, if you wish to take this beast if it was not claimed, know when delivered to the pound.
• Feeding a cat on our gallery can develop in him a bad habit. If he wants food he must find in him.
• Be careful, the animal does not know you. In the stress he lives, he may show signs of aggression. Do not leave a child in approcher.Quelques advice if you have lost your pet:

Some tips if you have lost your pet:

• You know the habits of your pet, start by calling around the neighborhood where you live.
• Call friends with whom your pet used to go, it can be sought from the company.
• Check the website of the City of La Pocatière to see if your pet is not listed.
• Contact the shelter at 418 860-9062
• Your pet can roam 2 or 3 days before you return.
• For Dogs: Having a collar and tag, greatly facilitates research while serving the people he belongs to someone. In addition, make sure your contact information is current.

Service Animal Control
City of La Pocatière
Phone: 418 860-9062
Fax Number: 418-856-5465
Address: 412 9th Street
L'Assomption (Quebec) G0R 1Z0

Facebook Page: / ControleurDesAnimauxVilleDeLaPocatiere

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