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Lion Action Group was established background

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Animal Control Unit - The Official City of Raleigh Portal

"NPV" is an animal medical institutions, has begun in late 2008 to provide medical care for homeless animals welfare. NPV efforts to bring the volunteers to provide sterilization services for stray animals, let them out because of the pain caused by childbirth constantly, while stray dogs on the community to help solve the problems caused.

"Lion Action Group" Lion on the establishment of stray dogs from the work to reduce the number of nuisance control, aim to promote community harmony and promoting "drinking communion" society.

November 2010, NPV successfully applied for a brainstorming Li Ka city plans Love Ideas Love HK charity fund for the welfare of stray animals boast a big step. Lion along the hills near 300 stray dogs, the growth in just two years the number of public concern indeed. On the basis of public opinion has been made, we hope that through a fund of 300, 000 Wong Tai Sin District as a pilot scheme, with a large team of volunteers NPV and AFCD stray dog ​​control policy, the strengthening of social concern for stray dogs in future unless the district reference.

In addition to the arrangements for the sterilization of stray dogs in the mountains, "Lion Action Group" will through regular food deliveries, a systematic record of dogs can be exposed, as well as post-operative medical care observation status. Association will organize regular Adoption Day, give priority to health and easy to get over the mountain dogs arrangements to attend. In addition to giving them a chance to rebirth, but also give them a warm home. In the food distribution process, the action team members will be sealed containers and clean utensils to ensure that the community environment clean and tidy. Build a harmonious, benefiting communities, benefiting animals.

NPV hoped plans on a monthly 10-15 stray dogs neutered calculated within a year can be as close to 200 animals neutered. Control number, reducing them for the feeding, courtship derived from social problems. Hong Kong to become an animal-friendly truth civilized society.


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