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Epoch Times - United States Cat 2 times a die hard life finally seek rebirth

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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WASHINGTON January 4 News] (CNA Utah West Valley City on the 3rd Anjali) Utah a wildcat, after shelter two times? Its arrangements for gas euthanasia is still intact, look just like that only "nine Life Strange Cat ", and now it has found pet owners to re-commence life. British "Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) reports, Utah West Valley City (West Valley City) animal shelter, said only a stubborn cat named Andrew Rhea (Andrea). Last October, Andrew Rhea has been the adoption of no more than 30 days, it received the 1st monoxide euthanasia, but the accident did not expect to survive, shelters and thus also arranged 2nd euthanasia.

This time, the shelter staff see Andrea Rhea has lost signs of life, finds it has died, enclosed in a plastic bag and put it into the freezer.

But then the staff to open the box into a dog corpse when he heard a sound meow, see Andrew Rhea, who have found that it vomit, sometimes you lose something warm, and more importantly, although it seems very frightened, but It also alive.

After euthanasia shelters to dispel the idea of ​​it.

West Valley City spokesman Kerim (Aaron Crim) said: "Let them believe that such a thing happened, this cat really want to live." "Give it an opportunity to find a permanent shelter now." An After being Derui Ya adoption.

Afterwards the shelter said they used at that time in accordance with the American Veterinary Medical Association (American Veterinarian Association) recommended euthanasia method, the process is no problem.

Shelter spokesman said: "Since we started so that this method has not happened before, it is indeed an effective way of euthanasia." "This fact is very humane euthanasia and fast. Ender Rhea is a special case."

Community Animal Welfare Society (Community Animal Welfare Society) volunteers Ku Muzi (Janita Coombs) was to "Salt Lake Tribune" (Salt Lake Tribune) said: "It is obviously very strong, it must have a strong will to live." ( Translator: CNA Xu Jiawei)

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