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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Willow, Katze, entlaufen, New York, Boulder, Colorado, Squires © Bebeto Matthews/DAPD Willow still waiting for the shelter to return to her family in Colorado © Bebeto Matthews / DAPD

b es der Ruf der großen weiten Welt war, der Willow vor fünf Jahren aus dem Haus gelockt hat? W hether it was the reputation of the big wide world that Willow has lured out of the house five years ago? At that time, the calico cat in Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains, had made the socks left their family and people had disappeared. Five years later and nearly 3, 000 kilometers away her adventure trip is now over: the middle of New York City.

It was late 2006, when Willow is Ausgebüxt early 2007. At family Squires was renovated and the craftsmen had left the door open. At that time the family lived in Broomfield, about 15 miles from Boulder, Colorado, removed, and Willow was only one year old.

Located in Manhattan, in the 20th Road, they now appeared again. On Wednesday, a man took the outliers from the street and took him to a shelter. Julie Bank, Director of Animal Care & Control, reports that turned out at the recording study that the cat has an implanted microchip. Thus, their identity was revealed. Next came a call at the Squires in Boulder.

"We thought they had eaten coyote"

"Shocked and amazed, " was Jamie Squires, when the phone rang and got a message from Willow. "To be honest, living here thousands of coyotes and owls. And Willow was at that time a small kitten from five and a half pounds! Although we have 'hung cat entlaufen' label and they looked at Craigslist, but were we really sure that they are of coyotes had been eaten. " Even though Willow has long grown, the Squires have recognized the animal immediately. "'Let's not say anything to the children', although my husband said, 'we have to be really sure.' But when we saw the photo, it was indeed Willow. It's been so long, "says the mother of the first reaction in the home.

When Willow comes back after all these years, they will recognize not only the parents. Of the Squires children who are 17, 10 and 3 years, the two older still good to remember the animal. Even one of the two dogs in the household has lived with Willow. And the Christmas sock outlier that can be hung up again this year for the first time and filled there too.

Only one concern driving the mother of the family. What if Willow has now developed a metropolitan New York attitude? Although the now seven-pound cat makes a good impression, according to Julie Bank, Jamie Squires can not appreciate what they expected: "Who knows what kind of personality Willow now?" Even as they ran away five years ago, "it was a really cool cat, " says Squires.

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