Shelter preview and advances iPhone, PC

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

The rhythms of nature are different from those of man: the plants, the animals, the flowers, they follow rules and cycles to which the human race descended, and from which inevitably has moved away over the centuries.
Even video games have followed a sort of path like this: if we think of the first Pong, and the first text adventures, we realize how much difference there is rhythm and speed than a normal contemporary production, especially if mainstream.
The developers of Might and Delight (already pretty creators of the PID), with their title in the works, Shelter, proposing instead an adventure with a slow and measured pace, all surrounded by nature. We then discover the major points of interest of this work, arriving in August on PCs and Macs, and who recently received the "green light" for publication on Steam. Puppies to save
Let's start by saying that the build mandataci by developers is not just a taste of what they will propose the final version of the title: in fact there are still some features (it was not possible to save your game, for example), as well as all the work of final cleaning is usually done just in the last stages of development.
In any case, in Shelter player will play a mum rate, intent on ensuring their own survival and especially that of her five cubs, the beginning of the adventure has something traumatic we are in our den, and now we face the main problem of the entire production Might and Delight: find food for our little ones. After resolving the problem, you can go outside, in the wild forest. It is, therefore, a sort of survival in the true sense of the term.
The first impact of the external environment, also because of the musical work of bell'accompagnamento Retro Family, is certainly interesting. In particular, the title seems to be able to immediately give a sense of "motherhood" that, in theory, should be the cornerstone of the entire experience. Somehow you will feel immediately responsible for the five little ones, their lives, and being able to check only the mother will only empower the player.
Try to provide food for their little children is a complex task, which involves the collection of apples from the trees and hunting of foxes and other animals, win the fight with another creature of the forest, however, will often be complicated, and will frequently need to hide in the tall grass, then click at the appropriate time.
In the forest, however, you do not pass all the time to hunt: when you are not playing the role of executioner, in fact, it quickly becomes prey, and at this particular juncture Shelter manages to bring out the relationship between mother and children. In the dark forest, in the middle of a fire, or in the clutches of some volatile threatening, our task will be to save your skin and protect their young.
In short, it is all a matter of survival.

Slowly, slowly, slowly
We said that one of the features of this next Shelter reside in its slowness and the feeling of being immersed in nature. E 'can also be the date to see what the gameplay, at least at this stage of development: no game interface, instructions minimized. The player will then only, along with her five cubs, at the mercy of the forest.
From the point of view of the control system, this translates into extremely simple: the left button of the mouse will interact with objects (mostly to bite animals, plants or fruit), with the classic combination WASD you can move, while the shift key is used to shoot. This setting remembers, even if only at the conceptual level, the solutions already seen in titles like Machinarium or Unmechanical: the game, in fact, will give explanations in the form of drawings, only when it will be absolutely necessary.
Go around the forest in search of food turns out to be a long experience of exploration and brief moments of action. The environment is totally dominated by nature, therefore, both conceptually and practically: just as there is no trace interface and HUD, in the forest of Shelter not found any sign of human passage, no deforestation, no hunter. The player is totally immersed in the wilderness.


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