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Carlos III ( Madrid , January 20 of 1716 - December 14 of 1788 ) was Duke of Parma with the title of Charles I ( 1731 - 1735 ), King of Naples as Charles VII ( 1735 - 1759 ) and finally King Spain as Charles III ( 1759 - 1788 ). Belonging to the House of Bourbon , was the third son of Philip V of Spain to inherit successively the Spanish throne.

[ editar ] King of Naples and Sicily [ edit ]

To 16 years received the title of Duke of Parma, inherited by the mother, Isabel Farnese . On December 1, 1734, after the victory in Bitonto on the Austrians, acclaim to himself as master of Naples and Sicily by force of arms. In 1735 resigned the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza to the Emperor Charles VI in exchange for its recognition as "King of Naples and Sicily."

As king of Naples and Sicily, Carlos begins work on internal reforms, which then is also in Spain. It was during his reign that were rediscovered Roman towns of Herculaneum (1738) and Pompeii (1748).

[ editar ] King of Spain [ edit ]

On August 10, 1759, the half-brother of Carlos, Fernando VI, died, and Charles succeeded him as king of Spain. As king of Spain, established alliances with France (the " pacts family ") and became involved in conflicts with England, vying for control of colonies in America. Your support to France in the Seven Years' War caused the loss of Florida to England, but this loss was offset by the acquisition of Louisiana . The rivalry with England meant that supported the revolutionaries in the American War of Independence American , making Spain regained Minorca and Florida . Gibraltar , however, remained under British rule.

Its internal government was largely beneficial to the people, bringing prosperity to Spain long lost. By Royal Decree of February 27, 1767, expelled the Jesuits from Spain, confiscating all his dominions and possessions.

Contracted marriage in 1729 to Maria Amalia of Saxony (1724-1760), daughter of Augustus III of Poland and Elector of Saxony .

Carlos III sought to bring his kingdom of modernizing transformations underway in other parts of Europe, such as France and England. Endeavored to strengthen the administrative and fiscal control over the Spanish colonies in America, in order to pass to provide higher profits to the metropolis. Hoped thereby create conditions to boost the metropolitan economy dependent. Carlos III stimulated debate on the ideas illustrated among the intellectuals of the kingdom, leading them to revise aspects of scholastic thought that dominated Spanish universities since medieval times.

Carlos III and Maria Amalia had 13 children, of whom only seven reached adult:

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