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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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Welcome to the Home page of the Canadian Region of the International Society for Applied Ethology! From this page you Will Be ble to access information on present and future activities ISAE and other relevant information on events and news Occurring Within Canada. For any topic related to the Canada area, you can touch the Canadian Regional Secretary, Nicolas Devillers (

Welcome to the homepage of the Canadian region of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE). ISAE is a scientific society which focuses on the study of animal behavior applied to farm animals, to manage wildlife, pets and laboratory control of pests, human-animal interactions, and animal welfare. On this site you can access information on current and future activities of the ISAE and other relevant information on events and news happening in Canada. In all matters concerning the region of Canada, you can contact the Regional Secretary Canadian, Nicolas Devillers (

Activities and Meetings Regional News / / Activities, Conferences and Regional News

Last update: July 2013

Opportunities / / Employment Jobs:

Have a look to the employment page ( Employment Opportunities ) To Have more details on job, postdoc PhD, MSc or Training Opportunities in Canada.

Regional meetings / / Regional Congress:

The last Canada-USA Regional Meeting Took Place May 11-12, 2012 in Banff, Alberta. Proceedings are available on the Following page: ISAE Meetings

The next North America Regional Meeting Will Be hosted by Michigan State University, Will take up May 22-23, 2014 in East Lansing, MI, USA. Details and updates Will Be posted on the page USA: United States of America

Other meetings of interest in North-America / / Other conferences of interest in North America:

2013 ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 8-12, 2013.

Veterinary Behavior Symposium 2013 in Chicago, Illinois, July 19, 2013, in Conjunction with the AVMA meeting.

50th Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society in Boulder, Colorado, July 28-August 1, 2013.

NFACC Farm Animal Care Conference in Ottawa, Ontario, October 9-10, 2013.

  • 38th Annual Meeting of the Quebec Society for the Study of Biological Behavior at Concordia University (Montreal, QC), 8-10 November 2013. html
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