63-year-old man raped Peacock Police: not afraid of contracting avian influenza (Figure) - News

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

63-year-old man raped Peacock Police: not afraid of contracting avian influenza (Figure)

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According to the United States, "Huffington Post" on May 14 reported that the U.S. Illinois a 63-year-old old man was recently broke the news of the bizarre sexual peacock, police in the name of the old man found a home in the warehouse peacock's body, and In Peacock's reproductive system found in the name of the old man's semen, and afterwards by his old man admitted peacock sexual death.

Man named David Beckman, aged 63, who lives in suburban Chicago, Illinois, Russell area, because he was suspected of sexual abuse, child molestation, and was arrested on charges of sexually abusing animals. Last week, David, because it is a boy's parents reported sexual assault and arrested by the police, then the police searched his home, had found a large number of other crimes to prove his evidence. Police found in David's bedroom to child pornography CD, also found to marijuana and other illicit stimulant, while a gun and a few bullets. In the house of David warehouse, the police also found a dead peacock. Police outset that peacock is being starved to death, but the autopsy and found that it's reproductive system actually detects the men's sperm DNA.

Trial, David admitted that he had sexually assaulted a child less than 10 years old, as well as an age of 13 to 17 years old female student, he also bought a phone card, anonymous sexual harassment too many minors, they Even his family pet dogs and peacocks are not immune to sexual assault. David told police he believes he is the psychological deformity, but not control, he thinks it is single and living alone with him for many years.

A police officer responsible for interrogation of David that David's spirit is normal, but he felt a little paranoid tendencies of David. "He was very clear about his sexual animal health purposes does little good, and may be infected with a variety of viral and I once asked him afraid infected with the deadly bird flu, he should answer 'I am not afraid'."

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