USA: Start of the season zombies with 34 aggressions in less than a month

June 14, 2013 – 00:00

The last year, this is to the same period had started a series of macabre aggressions qualified " d 'attacks zombies "by the media. Rebelotte this year, with the early summer heat, this is 34 aggressions who have beeing identified in less than a months. The temperature therefore plays a role in this phenomenon which empire from year to year.zombie

This is therefore no longer a matter of time before that psychosis does wins the population.

The last incident dated door the account to 34 the number of assaults by bite since that caused by Alexander Kinyua May 25, ago about a month.iconeshop

This latest incident has held Thursday at Palmetto, in Florida, where Charles Baker 26 years sauntering naked in the street has snatched with his teeth a part of the arm of Jeffery Blake, including a large part of biceps. Blake, 48 years, was still under the threat of his assailant when the police is arrival to his rescue.facebook-icon

The alleged zombie Charles Baker

The authorities contend that Baker was at the home of his girlfriend on 25th St in Palmetto to visit his children when he attacked Blake. The police force have made ​​use of devices electrical control (Tazer) three times, but they do not have effect on Baker. However, several agents were finally able master it.

Baker was hauls in at Manatee Memorial Hospital to spend tests and was then transported to prison.

Hitherto one of the most horrible attacks of this last series of incidents was that where Carl Jacquneaux a man of capita in Louisiana 43 years was arrested for have bitten a part of the face of another man during a attack June 6th

According the police statements of Lafayette, Todd Credeur worked front of his house when Jacquneaux is appeared and attacked him and ate a part of his face.

The authorities express concern by "the epidemic of zombie", but deny rumors that these cases could be linked, or there could be a responsible of the eruption of these cases virus.

Paul Standford of the "Federal Emergency Task Force" has warned there had a fraudulent enamel which circulates on the Internet. It reads as follows:

Standford said that people should be informed that this message is false and urged: ". If you receive the email, you must delete it without forward to someone else" According Standford there is no virus LQP-79.

Another attack has involved a student in Maryland, which would have admitted having eaten the brain and heart of his roommate and have put the rest of the body in a dumpster behind a church in Joppatowne.

The first reported attack of this macabre phenomenon is occurred at Miami, on 26 May 2012, when a naked man of 31 years, Rudy Eugene has negligee Ronald Poppo, a sdf of 65 years, then him has torn and him has eaten the face for nearly 20 minutes.

Eugene was shot by the forces of the order while he was still devouring the face of Poppo.

In addition to the recent aggression of Jeffery Blake, ago had 4 other attacks in Florida, 2 attacks in Maryland, 7 to New York, in New Jersey 1, 3 in Georgia, 2 in South Carolina, 3 in Carolina north, 4 in Tennessee, 4 in Virginia, in Delaware 1 and 2 in Louisiana during the last month.

Source: chronic of Roschach

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