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March 16, 2010 – 00:00

The Jefferson County Post | Jefferson County, TN

Please order the Government of the Republic of Serbia to act under the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia - to:

Cancel all unlawful DECISIONS of the government bodies, ministries and municipalities and allow:

Registration, marking and responsible ownership of pets

High penalty for animal abuse and animal killing

-Constant, strict control in the Entire Republic of Serbia

Control of reproduction (castration, sterilization)

Closing-down of all state animal shelters (camps = Murder-Zoohygiene)

-Construction of humane shelters Following Following the cheap low-budget-Type Delta

Information and enlightenment for the population

This will stop the mass multiplication of pets and Their killing, then a viola tion of human rights Of Those people who oppose the killing and immoral use of taxpayers money and did Ensure all stray cats and dogs to be taken care of humane.

Alliance for Animal Rights

We kindly ask you to inform the Government of the Republic of Serbia it to adhere to its own Constitution of the Republic of Serbia
and the cancellation of all LAW DECISIONS FOUL by Regierungsmaechten, ministries and local municipalities;

To permit the following:

Registration, labeling and responsible attitude of all pets in private hands

-High fines for any kind of cruelty to animals and Tiertoetung

-Periodical, strict controls over Serbia

Steady-reproduction control (castration, sterilization)

-Closure of all public animal shelters (= Toetungslager-Zoohygiene)

Expansion of human shelters after the cost delta type

-Medial Information and Enlightenment of the population

Just as the proliferation of dogs and cats is prevented.
The taxpayer money is not wasted and pointless that the rights of the people against the Tiertoetung and cruelty to animals are not injured. All dogs and cats are human powered.

Alliance for Animal Rights

Molimo as Vladi Republike Srbije nalozite because postupi po Ustavu Republike Srbije - da se:

PONISTE SVE NEZAKONITE ODLUKE drzavnih organa, ministarstava i opStina i tako omoguce:

-Obelezavanje, Registracija i odgovorno vlasnistvo kucnih ljubimaca

Visoke kazne fizicka i-za koji Muce pravna lica i zivotinje ubijaju

I-Stroge redovne kontrole u celoj Srbiji

-Kontrola reprodukcije (kastracija, sterilizacija)

Zatvaranje logora-smrti-takozvanih drzavnih Azila (Zohigiena)

Izgradnja humanih Azila po-DELTA sistemu, jeftinom niskobudzetnom gradnjom

I-informācija Edukacija stanovnistva

Time ce se zaustaviti masovno razmnozavanje kucnih ljubimaca i njihovo ubijanje; zatim, krsenje ljudskih prava onih ljudi, koji se protive ubijanju i nemoralnom trosenju novca poreskih obveznika omoguciti because i svi psi i macke lutalice budu humano zbrinute.

Alijansa za prava zivotinja
Dear Sirs,

Because of the horrendous conditions in the state animal homes (Murder camps), and the lack of animal protection in Serbia, we ask for your support to shut down synthesis homes. So we did demand synthesis Murder camps Shall be Transformed into animal homes Following Following the European standards, with a humane animal care and treatment.

The actual conditions are indescribably dreadful. These homes are murder institutions, run by callous and cruel personnel. There the animals suffer unbearable pain Until They perish. The Serbian Authorities endeavor to follow the EU standards, and remove straying dogs and cats from the streets. The responsible Authorities in Brussels perhaps do not know in which way synthesis poor animals are being removed from the streets.
In Serbia, there are no controls or supervision of the so called animal homes ("zoo-hygiene"). If there are controls, They are Carried out by the people who ordered synthesis inhumane and cruel measures. Especially tragic is the situation in Central and South-Serbia.


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