ETS: Aerospace Engineering

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

On 14 September,in Norfolk,Virginia,the project evaluation methods for predicting stability and control of air and sea vehicles of NATO (AVT-161) received the prestigious Scientific Achievement Award Research Technology Organization (RTO ) in 2012 on the occasion of the meeting of the NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO). NATO Office for Science and Technology (STO) is the lead agency for scientific and technological research in NATO.

This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of the panel members AVT (Applied Vehicle Technology) NATO STO Organization which includes Professor Ruxandra Botez of ETS.It is the only Canadian team that includes 46 members from 14 countries.

The AVT-161 project has clearly caught the attention of the jury: "Never before in AVT Have so many scientists and Researchers from so many NATO nations Gathered together to Produce Such a comprehensive research package.In addition one PhD dissertation,several MSE theses,plus 13 newspaper items and 33 conference papers Were produced and new RTO activities Were motivated.AVT-161 is a shining example of the Mission of RTO to conduite cooperative research and information exchange. "

The overall objective of the project was to assess the current situation in the methods of computational fluid dynamics to predict the static and dynamic stability characteristics and control of military vehicles in the air and maritime domains. The aim was also to identify gaps.

The working group has evaluated the results of aerodynamic codes with data obtained in the wind tunnel and flight tests.The team focused on the problems of stability and control and prediction of vehicle movements.The working group used an integrated approach between computational methods and experimental testing.

Achieving all the general and specific objectives of the project AVT-161 resulted in tangible benefits for all members of the working group.Side Professor Ruxandra Botez,there are five publications a total of 52.The two newspaper articles,and three conference reports were written with doctoral student Nicoleta Anton and student mastery Dumitru Popescu.These publications reflect the results of research conducted by the team of Professor Botez in the project AVT-161.


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