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Project Publications

  1. [HMR 08] W. Hesse,D. Müller,A. Soot: information,information systems,information society - interpretations and implications.Poiesis and in practice: International Journal of Technology Assessment and Ethics of Science,ed: CF Gethmann,Springer Berlin / Heidelberg,Volume 5,Number 4/5 (2008),
  2. [MRH 08] D. Müller,A. soot,W. Hesse: Communication without sender or receiver? On virtualisation in the information process.Poiesis & Practice: Int.Journal of Technology Assessment and Ethics of Science,Special Issue,vol 5,no 3/4,Springer (this volume),DOI 10.1007/s10202-008-0043-5
  3. [RHM 08] A. Russ,W. Hesse,D. Müller: Ambient information systems - do they open a new quality of IS in proc?.3rd Symposium EuroSIGSAND 2008,Marburg / Lahn.LNI 129,pp.87-101.Köllen-Verlag,2008 (in print)

Literature - Other subprojects

  1. [EH 08] Th Engel,U. Henckel. Humans,technology and the idea of man poiesis & Practice: Int.Journal of Technology Assessment and Ethics of Science,Special Issue,vol 5,no 3/4,Springer (this volume),DOI 10.1007/s10202-008-0049-z
  2. [RG 08] B. Rathgeber,M. Gutmann: What is mirrored by mirror neuros poiesis & Practice: Int.Journal of Technology Assessment and Ethics of Science,Special Issue,vol 5,no 3/4,Springer (this volume),DOI 10.1007/s10202-008-0050-6
  3. [SBG 08] T. Syed,M. Bölker,M. Gutmann: Genetic "information" or the indomitability of a persisting scientific metaphor.Poiesis & Practice: Int.Journal of Technology Assessment and Ethics of Science,Special Issue,vol 5,no 3/4,Springer (this volume),DOI 10.1007/s10202-008-0048-0

Project Relevant Literature

  1. [BDF +06] Bizer,J.,Dingle,K.,Fabian,B.,Günther,O.,Hansen,M.,gape,M. Möller,J.,Spiekermann,S.: TAUCIS - Ubiquitous computing technology assessment and Informational self-determination. BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) CSC 16I1532,July 2006, (as of January 15th,2008)
  2. [Fig 99] R. Abbott: The World as Information. Overload and Personal Design. Intellect Books 1999
  3. [Bat 79] Bateson: M ind and Nature: A Necessary Unity.Dutton,New York 1979
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  5. [BHK +89] G. Barkow,W. Hesse,H.-B.Kittlaus,AL air Scheschonk G.,A. von Stulpnagel. Conceptual foundations for the early phases of software development, information management 4/89,pp..54-60 (1989)
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  7. [Boy 79] R. Boyd: Metaphor and theory change: What is "metaphor" a metaphor for Add. A. Ortony (Eds.): Metaphor and Thought.Cambridge University Press,1979
  8. [Bre 05] P. Brey: Freedom and Privacy in Ambient Intelligence In: Ethics and Information Technology,Springer Netherlands,vol 7,no 3,2005,pp..157-166
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  14. [DL 87] T. DeMarco,T. Lister: Peopleware - Productive projects and teams, Dorset House Publ Co. 1987
  15. [EuS 98] Ethics and Social Sciences - Legal forms for deliberation culture: the concept of information and methodological-culturalist philosophy EuS,Issue 2,West German publishing house in 1998.
  16. [FHL +98] E. Falkenberg,W. Hesse,P. Lindgreen,BE Nilsson,JLH Oei,C. Rolland,RK Stamper,FJM Van Assche,AA Verrijn Stuart,K. Voss: FRISCO - A Framework of Information System Concepts -. The FRISCO Report IFIP WG 8.1 Task Group FRISCO.Web Version: ~ hesse / papers / fresh full.pdf (1998)
  17. [FRC 05] Friedewald,M.; Vildjiounaite,E.,Wright,D. (Eds.): The brave new world of ambient intelligence: A state-of-the-art review A report of the consortium SWAMI (Safeguards in. a World of Ambient Intelligence) to the European Commission under contract 006 507,Deliverable D1,June 2005, (as of January 15th,2008)
  18. [Gos 05] J. Goschler: Brain Metaphors - Various forms of metaphorization In: Fries,Norbert & Kiyko,Svitlana (ed.): Linguistics in the castle?.Linguistic workshop Wartin 2005,Chernivtsi,pp. 25-34; (last accessed: 19/05/2008)
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  20. [Hes 08] W. Hesse: Engineers discovering the "real world" - From Model-driven to Ontology-based Software Engineering Proc..7th Int.Conf.on Information Systems Technology and its Applications ISTA2008,Klagenfurt / Austria (Invited talk,to be published)
  21. [Hes 98] W. Hesse: Information: the soma of the end of the century? Reflections on information,information systems and information society. In [EuS 98],pp.212-215,1998
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