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An animal shelter is a facility that serves as reception area, homeless animals, lost or abandoned, mostly dogs and cats, although they are from wild animals, exotic import or large animals such as elephants , horses, etc..

Most of benefiting from the legislation, in the case of Spain, by community, by the law of protection of provincial pets, since there is no nationwide.

Normally, it seeks, that the animal is adopted by a new owner, although you can send to another facility, as a sanctuary, or sacrifice for health reasons or failure to support.

There are many different types of animal shelters.

[ editar · editar fuente ] Animal control agency [ edit · edit font ]

The animal control agencies, also known as protective municipal, or kennel, are sometimes non-profit organizations that are contracted by the city to enforce animal-related ordinances, and to provide services related to these. In addition to the animals themselves, many animal shelters also provide education services pet owners / adopters, castrations inexpensive, surgeries, immunizations, care veterinarians and training or resources.

[ editar · editar fuente ] Shelters open [ edit · edit font ]

A shelter that accepts all animals that come to your door without a waiting list without timetables. A true retreat "open door" does not require a payment to deliver an animal (although often ask for a donation). An open shelter does not discriminate.

[ editar · editar fuente ] Animal Sanctuary [ edit · edit font ]

The animal sanctuaries care for the animals for the rest of their lives without necessarily try to find them another home. Many of these establishments accept the animals that are not adoptable animals as feral (cats indomesticables), wild animals that have been abused and who require special care or unique or animals in a medical condition that makes adoption and animal Company difficult and unlikely.

[ editar · editar fuente ] Rescue Organization [ edit · edit font ]

Animal rescue organizations are not animal shelters, but have the same goal of placing homeless animals in adoptive families.

Animal shelters are characterized by having a physical location devoted to house and care for many different types of animals, while most rescue organizations work with a breed or animal type specific and have volunteers who have animals in their homes to its adoption, also known as "protection" or "temporary homes".

Among these, in Spain, stands El Refugio.

Rescue groups, manage the available space on local animal shelters, moving animals as required.

[ editar · editar fuente ] What if a dog is lost? [ edit · edit font ]

First, you should take as soon as possible to a veterinary clinic to see if it is identified or not, the veterinarian is required to do and free. The microchip can not be read if a reader is not approved. In many cases any dog, even those with a poor appearance (no collar, dirty, hungry, injured ...), may simply be lost and you must help locating your own you may want to retrieve.

If the dog is not identified, found one who has the ability to adopt if you want ..


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