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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Fox attacks three people and animal control vehicle in Virginia; a


It seems that the new Local PAN leadership not forgive Vicente Fox has promoted the vote in favor of Enrique Peña Nieto PRI in past elections, the new boss Alfredo Ling Altamirano said the PAN is not to begrudge anything or do more honors former President.


What did he say Alfredo Ling, stating that "no accidents to accidents" when he spoke of the fall of the plate Vicente Fox of the PAN office? At least what is clear is that the new blue leader has no intention of replacing it.


With surprise to some and celebration for others, yesterday noon animal protection associations received the news of the departure of Luis Alberto Fernández Ferro, director of the Center for Animal Control and Rescue Leon.


Nobody knows for sure why the city official leaves office, the only confirmed so far is that the resignation was in agreement with the Municipality.

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On the one hand it seems that within the working environment management was increasingly difficult, the dependence was divided between those who considered him a good boss and who continually had performance complaints.


They appear split on the performance of Fernandez Ferro had outward; between animal welfare groups had avalaban his supporters and his work, but also others who disapproved of his work at the Center for Animal Control and Rescue Leon.


Weeks ago animals protecting group circulated an anonymous e-mail, in which it identified irregularities in the treatment of dogs rescued by the Control Center.


However, there is no history of a formal complaint and therefore not led to an investigation against the officer who took over from Ricardo Sheffield Administration.


Eventually the Municipality agreed to conclude the employment relationship with Luis Alberto Fernández Ferro, who will appear to work until Friday, in coming days the Municipal Health Director, Octavio Villasana Dolphin, send to the mayor Barbara Botello a proposal to fill the vacancy .

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While the governor Miguel Marquez Marquez battle to convince the 46 mayors who give their vote to bid the project "Guanajuato Lit", some mayors, including Barbara Botello, go one step further and since a couple of months working on a diagnosis of street lighting in the municipality.


Take it with reservations, but they say that the original proposal was that the same company that won the bid to do the diagnosis of each municipality, but also the State Government was up to the proposal that the winning company will install an assembly of luminaires also generate jobs in the state.


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