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August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Stammhaus Maulburg

The German company Busch is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors.

With over 50 years of experience and excellent technical training, Busch seeks a path forward looking constantly expanding their knowledge, developing new technologies, which influence and determine the future of the world of vacuum.

Our factories use the latest manufacturing methods and use what is most modern in terms of machinery and equipment plus a severe quality control, which beyond our DIN EN ISO 9001.

In 2013, 2, 300 employees, Vacuum Pumps and Systems Busch are present worldwide with the largest range of vacuum products in the industrial market.

Due to the extensive program of supplying vacuum pumps, the competence and experience in the construction of vacuum systems and also due to an extensive network of technical assistance, the Busch can constantly offer solutions of large amplitude.

With 57 offices in 39 countries and agencies in over 30 countries, we contribute to the success of our customers worldwide.

Our objective is to maximize the return on investment for our customers, takes

through custom queries, the correct choice of product and technical assistance for quick and easy access. Our experience and our know-how in various applications in product development and provide the basis for this feasibility.

The headquarters is located in Busch Maulburg, Germany. Which are also installed at Busch Holding, the production plant Busch Produktions GmbH, the commercial organization Dr.-Ing. K. Busch GmbH and technical assistance Busch Dienste GmbH Besides Maulburg, Busch has production plants in Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, Korea and the USA.

Ateliers Busch SA, Chevenez, Switzerland

Composites Busch SA, Porrentruy, Switzerland

Busch Manufacturing, Virginia Beach, USA

Busch vyroba CZ sro, Liberec, Czech Republic

Busch Manufacturing Korea Ltd., Korea

Busch GVT, Congleton, England


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