The Angel of the Animals: How You Can Help Animals In Your Neighborhood

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

It is impossible to ignore the tearing of the cat. Her screams pierced in Angel darkness and created an echo through the quiet suburban Maryland. It's behind a row of houses that the cat fell out of a tree, broke one of his legs, and then be a prisoner of several branches. Krista Hughes, director of corporate marketing for the Humane Society of the United States Campaign (Humane Society of the United States Factory Farming Campaign), heard the cries of distress from his house and rushed to the aid of cat. Equipped with a scale and a pillowcase, Hughes dropped the cat on the mainland in the support fabric fortune she had concocted and transported to the local animal shelter, where staff immediately took the animal to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. A few days later, the cat was picked up by his guardian to the local pound. The owner can thank Hughes has this incredible kindness and has, in addition, posted flyers in the neighborhood to explain briefly what happened with the cat. It is not to say that without the help of Hughes, the cat might have succumbed to his injuries.

Monitoring system provided by the neighbors.

Hughes proceeded peacefully, using the same love for animals that most fans they would have done in a similar situation. However, many people are ill-equipped to deal with an emergency of the kind, which may arise at any time. But with a little preparation, anyone with a big heart and an inordinate love for animals can become a guardian angel for these animals.

"Be alert to the diverse needs of animals is one of the best ways to have an immediate and direct effect on animals, " says Rebecca French, assistant outreach working for HSUS. "You can make the difference between life and death of an animal. And you can be the only hope for the animal to find his family or be adopted into a new family. People often think that someone else will take care of the problem, but there are so many animals that need help that is up to each of us to do our best every time we see an animal in need. "

When the animals roam, they are lost or abandoned, they are at extreme risk. By releasing these animals in these dangerous situations can literally save their lives. "Helping a wandering creature can prevent injury or even death due to traffic, famine, cruelty, disease, attacks by other animals, and other dangerous and inhumane conditions, " said Dr. Jo Liska, Director awareness and education in Bloomington Animal Care & Control in Bloomington, in the state of Indiana, as well as the guardian of an abandoned cat that is shown on his porch and stayed there for more than 15 years.


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