The osprey chicks excite the U.S.: broods live webcam Watch

August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Un fermo immagine di un nido del Montana ripreso via webcam

Anna Guaita

NEW YORK - There are three feet long and have a wingspan that reaches one meter and 80. And when they fly are majestic, often seem to float in the air, carried by some current. But when they see on the surface of a lake or a river overlook a fish, come down sharply, like a missile, stretch the feet and with those sharp claws they catch their prey. When shooting portion, are able to bring the fish in aerodynamic position, so that it does not slow down the return to the nest. And here's just a lot of trouble! Dad brings the prey, Mom begins to dissect and small jostling to be fed.

If you like reality shows, nothing beats the webcam and the U.S. have been asked to look at the lives of some "osprey", the ospreys. There are two in Montana , one in Missoula, Lolo and aa. There's one in Minnesota , Chaska, where the mother is finishing the last egg to hatch. There's one in Alabama in Orange Beach, one in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Each of these web-cam has followers in every corner of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people follow the events of the various families, sharing a passion sometimes with a little 'too human. For example, in Alabama family, when mom and dad Bama Allie (Allie-Bama = Alabama) have finished the eggs hatch and the hawks Ossie and Aubrey began to fly, the public is very concerned because Aubrey seemed slower to gain the strength to jump out of the nest. In the family of Maryland, when they were born the three hawks, has been the public to "baptize" in Chester, Essie, and Ozzie. And since Ozzie was more fragilino and was set aside by the brothers and seemed destined to premature death, the comments of the audience anxiously pushed one of the scientists to explain that "the osprey osprey are not human beings, " and that the law of survival, "often children do not survive." However, at the end Ozzie has done it, and was renamed the fighter Oz, the "fighter".

The proliferation of webcams goes hand in hand with the installation of nests created ad hoc by the ornithological groups and environmentalists. The ospreys were almost extinct in the U.S., as a result of the abuse of DDT, in the fifties. Only in the last two decades, thanks to a commitment to environmental groups, universities, the federal government and through private aid, the population of ospreys is again increased. They are precious animals to humans not only for their beauty, but also because they are a litmus test of pollution. The ospreys feed their young with fish caught at distances not exceeding two kilometers, fresh, in other words. By studying the wings of small falcons, researchers can tell if the fish was polluted by mercury or other industrial waste. In short, giving new life to the hawks, we also get to exercise direct control over the rate of pollution of waters frequented by these majestic birds. And anyway, are beautiful to see, especially when the whole family begins to make small Giratina out from the nests together. Try one of these web-cam, you will see that you too will grow exceedingly fond.


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