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United States: the massacre of exotic animals in Ohio

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Cleveland legislator, Dick Goddard push for felony cruelty law for

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Lions, bears, wolves ... Fifty released by their own exotic animals were killed by U.S. police on Wednesday. A monkey is found.


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The police do not have enough hypodermic syringes to sedate animals. According to the local sheriff, the police had no choice but to kill these animals.

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The strange "urban safari" in Ohio ended in blood. Before committing suicide, the owner, Terry Thompson, was released exotic animals from his private reserve on Tuesday night. Wednesday, 49 of these wild animals were killed: 18 Bengal tigers and lions, bears, cheetahs and wolves were exterminated.

Beware of exotic animals, stay in your vehicle

The warning came Tuesday afternoon when people panicked contacted the local police. Schools were closed, residents urged to stay home. On the roads of the region, a warning was broadcast on electronic signs: "Caution exotic animals, stay in your vehicle, call 911 if you see". This event has the whole city in an uproar and the local media and national:

But why this massacre? Sheriff Matt Lutz says: "When we arrived on site (...), the night was falling, we could not run the risk of seeing these animals in freedom." Police had binoculars night vision , but not enough hypodermic needles to numb the animals. According to the local sheriff, the police had no choice but to kill "these animals before they attack the neighborhood."

Employees of the neighboring zoo in Columbus were also recruited to lend a hand to the police, forced to kill animals "point blank". The slaughtered animals were then buried Wednesday on the grounds of the farm. Only six animals were captured alive: a bear, three leopards and two monkeys. And animal remains found, according to the local newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch. It would be a monkey.

100 firearms were seized in 2008

The owner of the reserve had already been a heavy police past. Three weeks ago, Terry Thompson had just served a one-year sentence for illegal possession of weapons. Also according to the Columbus Dispatch , FBI agents had raided its reserves in June 2008. At the time, 100 firearms were seized. Terry Thompson had also already paid fines for letting their animals roam free. He had divorced his wife's family and said that he "had welts claw" when he visited them.

Some environmentalists have called on their side the enactment of laws on owning wild animals that do not exist in the United States. "These animals have to live in appropriate places with people who can take care of them, " said Adam Roberts, vice president of the association " Born Free USA ".



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