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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Tour For Life: Our Most Successful Life-Saving Journey Ever
or HSUS (in Spanish, Humane Society of the United States) is an organization based in Washington DC focused on the promotion of animal welfare . 2 ] En 2007 vieron un incremento tanto en incorporación de miembros como en ingresos, con 11 millones de miembros y un presupuesto de 160 millones de dólares. [ 1 ] It is one of the largest organizations focused on the welfare of animals in the world, with 9.5 million members and presuesto 103 million dollars in 2006 . [2] In 2007 saw an increase in both membership and incorporation in revenue, with 11 million members and a budget of $ 160 million. [1]

HSUS's founders tried not to duplicate the efforts of hundreds of local companies working to help animals. 3 ] Instead, he decided to address the cruelties of national scope, addressing animal welfare problems by applying strategies, resources and solutions beyond the capacity of local organizations. [3]

The HSUS was founded in 1954 by journalist Fred Myers and three others. The largest group campaigns have as primary objectives four themes: animal factory farms, sports and entertainment involving violence to animals and other forms of cruelty to these, the fur trade and practices of sport hunting .

4 ] También realiza Rural Area Veterinary Services , un programa de servicios veterinarios gratuitos en comunidades empobrecidas. [ 5 ] HSUS Animal Sheltering publishes a bimonthly magazine for professionals in the animal shelter. [4] also performs Rural Area Veterinary Services, a program of free veterinary services in impoverished communities. [5]

Source: es.wikipedia.org

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