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February 20, 2013 – 00:00

American region has a human face has a shock like stray dogs, 名叫托尼克 (Tonik), because looks special, so fame, desire and therefore the number of adoption greatly improved.

There are people who seem to breed dogs have a common point of view, I believe that dogs understand their own emotions, which is why owners always uncomplainingly darling of it as one of the reasons, if dogs can have a faces, suction eye level should be difficult to use words to describe.

Tonic is an American stray dogs "human face dog", which face both eyes, or the angle of the mouth, like a man dressed the same, but it's life but people feel sympathy, almost necessary in Kentucky a slaughterhouse end of life, the last Indiana lucky enough to be rescued animal welfare organizations.

Their photos on the Internet after the exposure, causing many attention, has become a hot topic on the Internet, looking for a new home for its future, due to instant fame, it attracts a lot of caring people to ask, now the shelter is carefully selected for their most suitable new home.

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