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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Dog PhotosAdopt a Pet in Fairfax County VA. The Fairfax County

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is the animal shelter Arlington County Virginia.

The dogs are available for adoption for area residents of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Cats and small companion animals are available for adoption to residents of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Requirements for Adoption

Permission verifiacion rental and the place where one lives

Any document with your name and current address would be useful, for
example, a driver's license, a checkbook, a receipt
utilities (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) or rent receipt.

Also, if you rent or live in a condominium community, the
owner or management office must confirm that the animals
pets are permitted and any restrictions such as
weight limit, type and number of pets allowed, etc..
Confirmation written as a lease,
condominium bylaws or written statement letterhead
management of the condominium or the owner is required.

Approval of family or roommates

Everyone who lives in your home should know the animal and
agree with the size, race, color, temperament, etc.. Even
if the animal will belong only to you, everyone should agree with the

Meeting with the pet (dog) you have at home

If you are adopting a second dog, both dogs must
known at the shelter at a meeting supervised by members of the site.
This to see how animals interact with each other, play,
fight or ignored.

Period strays

The law requires the shelter to keep stray animals so
within 5 to 10 days. You can not adopt a stray animal until it is
period is complete.

The first to come first-served basis

Applications are taken under policies first-come first-served basis.
If others are ahead of you, we will notify you if it becomes the first
waiting list or if someone else takes the animal, or if
its owner claims it. If you can not take your first
option, we will keep your application on file for a period of three months.

Pre-adoption counseling

The pre-adoption counseling are required for all dogs,
rabbits, birds, ferrets, and chinchillas. The visit, made only
with the first fully approved applicant is a session
education in which an adoption counselor will review the team
and useful tools, the personality of the animal and its
behavior, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Cage Requirements

There may be other requirements, such as buying a cage or
a special cover if you are adopting a small animal.

Requirements for Sterilization

Virginia law requires that all dogs and cats
adopted from shelters be sterilized. Also requires that
rabbits, ferrets, and chinchillas are also sterilized.
Dogs, cats, and rabbits are sent
directly to surgery from the League.

Rates of adoption

The cost to adopt a dog is $ 150.00 and includes:

  • A certificate for a free veterinary exam
  • Heartworm test
  • Vaccines against diseases and Bordatella
  • Identification plate
  • Microchip (back home)

The price for a cat adoption is $ 100.00 and includes:


Agricultural pest control, animal: A training program for the certification of pesticide applicators (Pesticide applicator certification training)
Book (Cooperative Extension Service, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

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To animal control officers..need info please..

Hello all,
Well i have been looking for information online and there really isn't any. I want to get into the career of animal control officer.
i know about IS 10, 11, 111 i haven't started them yet. but are there any classes i can take in Virginia Beach, Va. I know i have to start volunteering in shelters. I am just trying to find the stepping stones to get this career started. i have about a year left in the navy.
I have some security experience, and weapon training. just need some numbers to call to find out what else to do or classes i can take.
thanks a lot


Just like any other municipal job - you go down and fill out an application and apply for the position.
Here is one in Virginia:
Animal Control Officer
Salary: $31,899
Under general supervision, performs semi-skilled work for the City in the enforcement of ordinances and statues related to the control of animals and the operation of an animal shelter. Work involves capturing, confining, and euthanizing stray, diseased, and dangerous animals. Employee is also responsible for maintaining the animal shelter in a clean and safe condition, and feeding, handling, and providing custodial care to animals in the shelter

Mojo - August 2013  — Mother Jones
As a member of the Virginia Senate, GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli used his email newsletter to tout his role in founding State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI), a group dedicated to cutting off economic, education, and employment ..

Arlington Animal Control Reports: Bat found in Colonial Village, Stray ..  —
According to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington website: Animal Control officers are charged with the enforcement of all state and local laws regarding the welfare, care and control of animals.

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