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It's time to end Iditarod forever

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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by Alisa Mullins Despite the so-called "improvements" on the infamous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, which takes place every spring, dogs are still toiled to death. Every year dogs must be times of, but usually several, believe in it, and countless more are injured.

Forcing the dogs to run on average four to five hours at a time with so short breathers that this really does not deserve the name. The dogs are biting winds, blinding snowstorms, exposed to freezing temperatures and treacherous ice falls by tapping into cold water. Your feet suffer bruising and bleeding, cut the ice and of the simple overtaxing the unimaginable distances they travel. Many dogs suffer muscle tears or stress fractures or become ill, getting diarrhea, suffering from dehydration, gastro-intestinal viruses or bleeding peptic ulcers (the latter probably as a side effect of excessive use of aspirin during the race, which allows injured animals to continue, only to eventually become incurring serious damage). A bitch has been strangled in one of the previous years in their Harness straps; another was taken at night from a tree branch, but ran on, until she died of her injuries.

At least one or two dogs die every year, but sometimes kills more than a dozen, usually-because they literally run to stress-induced lung inflammation, stomach ulcers or the "sudden death syndrome" to death. About a third of the 1, 500 dogs that go to the start in the race will be flown out because they are sick, injured or exhausted. Many of the dogs are collapsing at the finish line, and many days are not even on the legs, to eat.

And those are just the losers during the race. Behind the scenes of the annual spectacle pay the dogs that do not meet the requirements, a high price. To maintain a successful race team, need new blood, not every puppy is born a champion. The ill-fated "inferior" pay the price to be not so monumentally powerful and fast, possibly with their lives.

The two-time Iditarod musher Frank Winkler made 1991 headlines when he "killed" a litter of puppies by first einknüppelte with an ax handle on it, and when that proved to be not entirely successful, shot and tossed into the back of his pickup. Some puppies managed to survive in spite of everything, and her whimper was heard by a neighbor. Later, when he had to answer in 14 cases of cruelty to animals, claimed Winkler, he was told, totzuknüppeln puppies and shoot was "common practice" in dog sled racing circles, and retained the position of fixed, it could be the price for a humane euthanasia by lethal injection afford and not obviously not the $ 1 dispensing fee at the nearest animal shelter. "I had heard they were not bringing in animal shelters to be euthanized, " he said. "It makes itself"


Biological and chemical control of plant and animal pests : a symposium presented by Section O on Agriculture at the Indianapolis meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 28-30, 1957.
Book ([American Association for the Advancement of Science])

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"We simply will not allow a company to store foods under filthy and unsanitary conditions that occur as a direct result of the company's failure to adequately control and prevent pests in its facility," said Margaret O'K. Glavin, associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. "Consumers expect that such safeguards will be in place not only for human food, but for pet food as well."
The distribution center in Joliet, Ill., provides pet food products and supplies to PETCO retail stores in 16 states including Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin

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