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What are some types of non-shedding dogs?

July 20, 2013 – 00:00

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Non-shedding dogs, or hypoallergenic Dogs tend to cause fewer allergies, and can be easier for the person with mild allergies to dogs, or who simply do not want to clean up dog hair all the time. The term non-shedding dogs is actually something of a misnomer. Although dogs are often called non-shedding, they may shed some cycles, or they can lose if they have skin or flea allergies. Most often, you will notice more shedding of non-shedding dogs if they have fleas, which makes control very important chips.

Non-shedding dogs are not necessarily easy to care for coat. In fact, some have long coats as Tibetan terrier On Lhasa Apso maltais , The Bichon Frise and Maltese Which require daily grooming. Otherwise, many of these dogs are not treading pretty cute with a puppy cut, a shortcut to keep mats from forming. If you like these races and others like them, a trip to the groomer for a haircut in a few months can cost between 30 to 100 U.S. dollars (USD).

Other dogs that are considered non-rejection include Mini Schnauzer, toys and little dogs, Havanese, Shih Tzu, Norfolk and Norwich Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Chinese Crested and Silky Terriers. In fact, you will realize that most dogs classified as terriers are considered to be non-shedding dogs or types of small shed. The exception tends to be smooth coated terriers like Jack Russell, Fox and rat terriers.

If you like a big dog, some breeds are considered non-shedding dogs. These include the Greyhound , Wheaton Terrier, Basenji, standard Poodle Bouvier des Flandres, Schnauzer, Portuguese Water Dog, Airedale and the Irish Water Spaniel. If you like labradors, you might consider a cross labrador poodle, called a labradoodle , Which have been specially bred as non-shedding dogs.

When you are looking for non-shedding dogs or low shedding type, you can take some general characteristics into account. Most dogs with straight hair, very curly or straight hair tend to lose very little and may require less maintenance coat. Many dogs multi-layered coat as standard shepherd dogs are not prone to a lot of rejection. Finer-haired dogs tend to lose much more than dogs with thick or coarse hair.

Even if you get a non-shedding dog, do not expect the occasional shed. Some do it every year in the spring or early summer, and a shed slightly thicker winter coat. Poor care coat, and especially carpets leave form in the hair can lead to more load shedding.

If you truly believe that you can be allergic to dogs, hypoallergenic dogs or even non-shedding can cause you problems. Most people may be allergic to dander (Or flakes of skin) from the animal and not the hair. You may want to spend a few days with a dog and see if it gives you allergies, rather than buy or adopt a dog does not have to return it if allergies worsen.

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They ARE located in southern il (murphysboro)

But they drive up to vernon hills (suburb of chicago) every other weekend to do pet adoptions. i recently adopted an adult dog from them, and i think they are a great rescue. their adoption fee for dogs is $175 + $15 for the microchip, so it is really $190. at the adoption event they talk to the potential adopters before we are allowed to see the dogs and they answered the puppy question during that time when i went. they get their puppies from animal control centers in southern illinois, the st. louis area, and southern indiana. also, about returning puppies to them--yes, in their adoption contract it states that they have the right of first refusal

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