Ottawa Illinois Animal Control

Care and control of animals Regulation No. 2003-77

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Illinois Company Receives Grant to Export Asian Carp to China

DEFINITIONS 1. Les définitions qui suivent s'appliquent au présent Règlement : agent des règlements (By-law Officer) - La personne nommée par le Conseil à titre d'agent d'application des règlements municipaux en vue d'assurer l'application des dispositions du présent Règlement.

area of water jets (spray pad) - An area of water jets whether or not water, including concrete slab or asphalt.

former municipalities (Municipalities in old) - The former municipalities of the City of Cumberland, Gloucester City, Township of Goulbourn, Kanata City, City of Nepean, Osgoode Township, the City of Ottawa, Rideau Township, Village of Rockcliffe Park, the City of Vanier and the Township of West Carleton.

animal (animal) - A member of the animal kingdom other than a human being.

service animal (animal service) - A trained by a recognized to serve as guide dogs for the blind or visually impaired people, guide dogs for the deaf or hearing-impaired school animal, or dog with specific skills to help people with other disabilities, including animals used for therapeutic purposes and enrolled in an accredited by that agency.

pet (domestic animal) - A dog or a cat.

pet (pet shop) - A store or a place where animals intended for use as pets are kept for retail sale and sold.

livestock (livestock) - Pets a farm: birds backyard (including range chicken, goose, duck, turkey, guinea fowl, etc.)., horse, mule , donkey, bull, ox line, cow and other cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, llamas, mink, emu or ostrich, or their young.

Pets not allowed (prohibited animals) - Animals in Appendix "B".

tether (tether) - A rope, chain or other restraining device that prevents an animal leaves a defined area, the word "attach" has a similar meaning.

attack (attack) - An attack that has the effect of causing bleeding, bone fracture, sprain or severe bruise.

cat (cat) - a male or female cat.

Chief of Police (Chief of Police) - The police chief of the City of Ottawa or its authorized representatives or assistants.

kennel (kennel) - A company authorized to handle the breeding, sale, purchase or boarding cats and dogs.

dog (dog) - a male or female dog.

Director (Director) - The Director of By-law Services Protective Services and urgency of the City of Ottawa or its authorized agents or regulations assistants.

play structures (play structure) - A swing, a slide, a toy ride mounted on a spring, a climbing structure, a hut game, a sandbox or a seesaw and, where appropriate, sablonnée area where the structures involved are disposed.

pound (pound) - The part of the premises of the Humane Society of Ottawa used to house animals and temporarily care for animals that have been impounded pursuant to the provisions of this Regulation.

keep (keep) - Having temporarily or permanently, control or be in possession of an animal; grammatical variations of the word "keep" and the word "care" have the same meaning.

pound keeper (operator of the pound) - The Humane Society of Ottawa animals or other such facility designated by the City.

poundkeeper livestock (livestock operator of the pound) - A guard of Annex "C".

premises (premises) - A Building Official or part of a Building Official or place.

owner's premises (premises of the owner) - Includes the premises where a dog is usually housed or fed.

housing (dwelling unit) - A Building Official, a room or suite of rooms for the home or busy to dwell in, and provided with sanitary facilities, kitchen, living and sleeping.

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Not from OR but I foster and have my own

I have 3 dogs (village limit)and two cats (no limit) and I have a state dept of AG license for fostering. As long as I have paperwork from the shelter for each foster animal that I have, I'm legal. That's in Illinois.
I'd look at your local municipal code website for ordinances and rules about animals in the home.

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Bordner, who extends the tether when needed, said she likes to make sure her dog has ample room to roam in her yard. A new law was passed by the General Assembly of Illinois saying a tether must be at least 10 feet for a dog tied outside.

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In 1989, Michael Mesure was running a gallery two hours north of Toronto when a friend told him he had read that birds were colliding with buildings in the city.

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