August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Administration Building

Belvidere Park District

1006 West Lincoln Avenue
PO Box 463
Belvidere,IL 61008
Phone :815-547-5711
FAX: 815-544-4648
Hours: Mon-Fri,9:00 am-5: 00pm

  • The hours of park property are 6:00 am to dusk unless a Park District program sponsor happens.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in all Park District property.
  • For the safety of your pet and others,please keep your pet on a leash please and always clean after your pet.
  • The use of cell phones in bathrooms or locker Park District is strictly prohibited.Observe speed limits.
  • Put waste in its place and use recycled containers.
  • Snowmobiling vehicles and far-field are prohibited on Park District property.
    Belvidere is a member of the Northern Illinois Special Recreation (NASR).We strive to provide recreation programs for children and adults who have a mental disability,physical impairment or any other disability.The association of NASR is Belvidere,Freeport and Rockford They park districts.

    For your and our safety,please do not feed the ducks and geese.The Belvidere Park District sponsors want all fully enjoy park facilities and ask that sponsors honoran a request no-feeding.The atmosphere is made adversely by high concentrations of specific locations geese,causing land erosion and destruction of soil may result in poor water quality.Geese congregate in public green spaces where the public recreation and leaves a mess with their droppings that accumulate many sponsors oppose park.

    Eleven picnic shelters in various park locations are abailable for rent April by October.Shelter reservations must be accompanied by a reservation form and payment of refuge.Please Click on the Facilities / Parks Recreation buttons to see the facilities listed for your choice of shelter locations.Photos are available on our Maps called Reciprocal HERE. For more information,please call 815-547-5711.

    The park district necedidades struggle to reach our diverse community. A bilingual interpreter will be available by appointment for program information and activities. Now mind our office staff is bilingual and will not require an appointment with a person who speaks English solemente.

    The Park District employs this individual ofreciedo program areas. You need people to be responsible,to work well with others. HERE for more information!

    The Belvidere Park District welcomes the opportunity to attend our ciudanos with disibilidades. If you need any acomodciones for disibilidad,please contact the management office of the Park District to be the necessary arrangements.

    The Belvidere Park District and Board are working together to provide a financial assistance program. With the Apollo business and community service groups,the District may assist families in paagar rights of program (s). All information will remain confidential.

    Purchase gift certificates at the office of Admionistrative redeemable at all steps and program fees!They make the perfect gift!

    He Belvidere Park District offers a variety of ways for your company or organization to promote their participation in the community.Sponsorships are wonderful ways to give back to their community to receive promotional recognition for their generosity.Your organization or business can sponsor youth sports programs,tournaments,special events such as Carnaval Nice eve of All Saints,the porridge Fun,Party in the Park,Youth Activities and more.The contribution not just to be financial,volunteers are needed to help with activities and events.Sponsors and volunteers contribute to the success of these activities and gain visibility in the process. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities,contact the Recreation Supervisor at 547-5711.


    Signet Classic 1984 (Signet Classics)
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    Not from OR but I foster and have my own

    I have 3 dogs (village limit)and two cats (no limit) and I have a state dept of AG license for fostering. As long as I have paperwork from the shelter for each foster animal that I have, I'm legal. That's in Illinois.
    I'd look at your local municipal code website for ordinances and rules about animals in the home.

    Tethered dogs: New leash law to help animal control officers  — Freeport Journal-Standard
    Bordner, who extends the tether when needed, said she likes to make sure her dog has ample room to roam in her yard. A new law was passed by the General Assembly of Illinois saying a tether must be at least 10 feet for a dog tied outside.

    In Toronto, it's capitalism vs. the birds  —
    In 1989, Michael Mesure was running a gallery two hours north of Toronto when a friend told him he had read that birds were colliding with buildings in the city.

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    • It may be applied at any temperature above freezing and will produce significant benefits as soon as plant surfaces dry
    • Spray liberally to entire plant.Protection will last up to 6 weeks. For added protection, reapply as new growth appears
    • It s an eco-safe, biodegradable product. When used as directed, it will cause no harm to humans, animals or the environment
    • Not Harmful to Plants
    Natural poisons in horses
    Book (National Animal Poison Control Center, University of Illinois)
    Senoret Poison Peanuts Pellet [Kitchen]
    Lawn & Patio (Senoret)
    • Pointed end punches bait holes so pellets can be poured out
    • Contains zinc phosphide Highly recognized yellow cone stands out at retail
    • Best selling mole and gopher killer in category
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    • Avatar ginarene71 Are koi an invasive species for Illinois farm pond?
      May 27, 2009 by ginarene71 | Posted in Fishing

      My husband is trying to control weeds in a small fishing pond they go to using plant eating koi fish. Are they safe for the other fish and wildlife?

      • I don't know about invasive, but yes, koi are a nonnative fish. Not only are they nonnative to Illinois, koi are not native to ANY ecosystem anywhere in the world. They are a "domesticated" fish, bred from vari … will probably take an act of God to get them out, and the same goes if they get out into nearby streams or other waterways.

        The short answer is NO, koi are not safe for other fish and you shouldn't do it.

    • Avatar Diana Why does God allow men to cheat on women and hurt women?
      Oct 15, 2012 by Diana | Posted in Religion & Spirituality

      Do these men that do cheat, not realize how much women hurt when they look at other women and cheat on their spouses or do they just not care because they are being selfish and only thinking of themselves? Also, the wome …on hurting them.
      Please excuse the typos. I'm trying to type quickly and I didn't proofread it that good. I tried to proof read it quickly by skimming over it. It's late at night where I am and I am getting sleepy.

      • The same reason God allows women to cheat on men and hurt men.
        People have free will. It's not God's fault, it is ungodly cheating people.

        But what you say is absolutely right... porn stars are home-wr …> and any provocative exposure to those gullible enough to look is only
        designed to make people dissatisfied with their own wife or husband.
        You wrote much, but I take my hat off to you. God bless you Diana.

    • Avatar slotr04 Can a python survive in the wild in West Central Illinois?
      Apr 24, 2007 by slotr04 | Posted in Reptiles

      My neighbor says another neighbor's python escaped. I have small children and am deathly afraid of snakes. Can it survive in my neighborhood? PLEASE HELP!
      What temperature is too cold? I guess I am just afraid that we are going to "stumble" upon it, and not know what to do.

      • Not likely ,cold evenings and/or winter will kill it if lack of food doesn't, keep an eye on the cat. remember pythons are from tropical/arid areas where heat is the key to life,plus adequate water sources probaly aren't available either, which could actually help in catching it, soak the ground in an area or break out the kiddy pool,you can even try a large rat in a plastic critter cage

    • Avatar Helin Does anyone follow weird laws in the US?
      Jun 10, 2010 by Helin | Posted in Other - Society & Culture

      Im not from the states and I have read some really weird laws there. Like in Virginia it is illegal to tickle women or in New York while riding in an elevator, one must talk to no one, and fold his hands while looking toward the door. Are these correct? And if they are do people really follow them? And what happens when you get caught doing something like that?

      • Often the laws found in 'weird law' books like that are archaic and no longer in use, or entirely made up. Every day, women in Virginia are tickled and people in New York talk in the elevator all the time. These laws, if …from antiquity, and as such have no actual punishment dictated in today's legal system. So, the short answer is that the laws you read are probably not real, and no, no one follows or is punished for breaking these laws.