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Rise Against is a band of American Punk Rock / Hardcore from Chicago , Illinois , formed in 1999. The band consists of Tim McIlrath ( vocals , guitar ), Zach Blair ( guitars , vocals ), Joe Principe ( bass , vocals ), Brandon Barnes ( drums , percussion ).

After the end of the band 88 Fingers Louie , former members Joe Principe and Mr. Precision , solve founding Rise Against, originally called Transistor Revolt . In 2000 their first demo release, Transistor Revolt , and one year after, close contract with Fat Wreck Chords to release their first two albums, The Unraveling (2001) and Revolutions per Minute (2003).

In August 2004, launch Siren Song of the Counter Culture , their debut album for a major label, Geffen Records . In 2005 he cast a remastering of The Unraveling by Fat Wreck Chords , and in 2006, the band released their second album for Geffen Records , The Sufferer & The Witness .

In December 2006, it released the band's first DVD, called Lost Generation , which contains a documentary about the band, making of two videos, five music videos and a live performance. The fifth studio album, Appeal to Reason was released in the second half of 2008. On 15/03/2011 the band released their sixth album, Endgame, which has as its first single "Help Is On The Way, " a song that talks about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005.

All band members are vegetarians, activists of PETA , an animal rights organization and urge people to be (more) solidarity.

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Need help with this animal shelter...

I've been working with Pets Without Parents (PWP), an animal shelter in central Illinois, and I received an email asking to help them win a shelter makeover. There are thousands of wonderful animal shelters out there--in the Chicago area alone we have a lot of worthy, needy shelters. But PWP, based in central Illinois, is different. They are in a very rural area, where up until a few years ago, virtually every dog that ended up at the animal shelter was euthanized. PWP took over the management of the shelter and is working to make sure every adoptable dog has a chance at a loving family. They transport dogs to suburban and urban areas where they are adopted

Anyone Travelling from Chicago, IL to CT Soon??

I Animal Lovers I have a dog in a High Kill shelter in Illinois that needs to get to CT would like it to be this weekend. Anyone here travelling east?? doesn't have to be all the way to CT as far east as you can get this boy would be ok with me.
BREED: Shep/Mix
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SHOT UTD: At time of transport
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Puppy that went to Animal Care in Chicago

Sorry to hear of your problem. I know that all the shelters today are trying to become "no kill" so they are not taking strays anymore, even the famed Anticruelty Society is in this group. I know that an article was done on CACC in the Tribune Magazine. Now there's a woman running it that was appointed by Mayor Daley and she stated that when she got there that the Euth fatalities were up to 90%. The rate was then dropped to 75% and she then started a program with breed rescues and local humane societies. In fact go to Hinsdale Humane Society and look at Bumpa. He's a dog they got from the city pound (which is it's original name) and they state in his description that not much information is obtained from owner give ups by Animal Control

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  • Avatar Kasi Where can I help at in Orlando Florida?
    May 31, 2009 by Kasi | Posted in Orlando

    I am 11 years old and I want to help the edlery or animal shelters in Orlando Florida but I need help finding some place?

    • Dial 2-1-1 from your phone, this will connect you to the United Way Resource phone service; they often have up-to-date information about volunteer opportunities.

      It is often easier to volunteer with an est …Senior Centers to see if they are looking for volunteers. Or; find a nursing home near you, contact the Activities Director, and ask if there are any volunteer opportunities you could help with.

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Mikey Mouse Where in Orlando FL can I do volunteer work with animals that would help my pursuit to becoming a vet?
    Dec 18, 2010 by Mikey Mouse | Posted in Community Service

    I am a 21 year old (about to be 22) Biology major and I really want to become a Veterinarian one day. It is my only dream really. I would like to do volunteer work with animals so I can start getting some experience now. Where in Orlando FL can I do volunteer work with animals that would be beneficial to my pursuit to becoming a Veterinarian?

    • You could try SeaWorld. I have a friend who volunteered there for several months and it turned out to become a full time position. She is now in her dream job, caring for the animals at SeaWorld.

      For findi …Travel and Relocation Directory. They let verified Orlando based websites into it for free and spam/fake sites can't get in for any price. We love our tourists here, without them we'd have a state income tax and no jobs!

  • Avatar nickkelly4dogs How old do you have to be to work/volunteer at an animal shelter?
    Aug 11, 2010 by nickkelly4dogs | Posted in Dogs

    I'm 15 years old and I love animals so I want to work or, most likely, volunteer at the Humane Society of North America located on Pine Hills Road in Orlando, FL. I can't find any websites to contact them or anything! I wanted some more info on them but it's not on the internet and I can't find any numbers to call. If anyone can assist me with that as well as telling me the age limitations to work there, it will be greatly appreciated. :)

    • You have to be atleast 14 but a parent has to be with you for orientation and volunteer work.when you're 16 you can volunteer by yourself:)

  • Avatar E. Pet shelters/shops that will hire or allow volunteering for 14 year olds in florida?
    Apr 18, 2013 by E. | Posted in Other - Pets

    I have a service project due really soon for school and they want us to help the community in some way. I decided on maybe volunteering at a pet shelter, I'm 13 right now so do shelters allow volunteering at my age?

    Please, no rude comments or answers. all i want is a good answer that would help with my question.

    • As a shelter manager I will tell you we will take ANY good volunteers we can get! In fact we have an 8 yo that volunteers at our rescue! I am not sure where in Florida you live but a good way to look for a rescue in your area is go to and look for rescues/shelters in your area! Good Luck and thank you for wanting to help!