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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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Staton Named County's Animal Services Manager

Valentine's Day Adoption Promotion Offered


Osceola County, Florida - Kim Staton's career always centers on the welfare of animals, and that's no different as Osceola County's new Animal Services Manager.

Staton worked in the private sector for various Governments in Florida and as the Southeast Regional Coordinator for the Humane Society of the United States for four years, before taking over the department's leadership at the end of 2012.

Staton is Already making a difference in her new position. Commissioners approved a resolution Monday That Allows a reduction or waiver of adoption fees, giving the department some Flexibility to adjust to times of heavier intake or to help Promote adoptions During special events. For instance, this week the shelter is running a Valentine's Day special where you can pick your adoption fee ($ 20, $ 25 and $ 30) on Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the fee for all adoptions will be $ 30 - a savings of up to $ 30 dollars.

The county recently learned it will be part of the ASPCA's $ 100K Challenge - a contest in Which 50 shelters across the country will compete to break records at Their Own saving animals' lives this summer.

"I am absolutely thrilled That Osceola County is part of this year's competition, " said Commission Chairman Frank Attkisson. "It will be exciting as we enlist the support and Involvement of our community, friends and neighbors to help Animal Services help the animals. This is a very progressive step first as Kim leads the department in a positive new direction."

Staton Traveled Extensively in the U.S. and the Bahamas providing training and operational recommendations to various Animal Control and Welfare Organizations, and worked to Develop Animal legislation in Florida and other states, Investigated and prepared for prosecution cases of animal cruelty, hoarding, and fighting, and many have been involved in. Including Animal Efforts disaster response Hurricane Katrina.

Staton wants to Increase adoptions at the Osceola County facility and raise community awareness acerca proper animal care.

Q & A with Kim Staton:

Why were you drawn to this career?
I was not so much drawn to this career as I was to animals. My love for animals led me to this career. I am one of the few lucky people who had no idea what the good fortune to live Their passion. I can not Imagine having a job somehow That Did not Involve animals.

Source: www.osceola.org

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  • Avatar barracuda20 Can anyone give me more info about becoming an animal control officer?
    Jul 14, 2010 by barracuda20 | Posted in Law Enforcement & Police

    I live in SE Florida and am interested in becoming an animal control officer. I have called the humane society and got the run around. I also cannot find a hotline number for the ASPCA. I would like to know what kind of schooling or training is required for this kind of work. Also is there anyone out there that can give me an opinion on how they like their job as an officer?

    • Go to the county's website, if they have any openings then it should give the required skills and schooling needed to obtain the job.

  • Avatar .Sonny. (New Pic) :D What would be the worst case scenario for an animal control officer?
    Feb 24, 2010 by .Sonny. (New Pic) :D | Posted in Law Enforcement & Police

    Im kind of planning on being one, but im kind of worried, because i'm more into animal rights, and defending dogs, and being against animal cruelty. I think animal cop is a cool job, but im just wondering what would be a worst case scenario for an animal control officer, please?

    • Maybe having to take into custody people's pets that they do not take care of. Most times, the owners will get angry and defensive even though, they don't take care of their pets.

  • Avatar M What are are the qualifications to be an animal cop?
    Jul 15, 2008 by M | Posted in Law Enforcement & Police

    Not neccessarilly an animal control officer, because I'm more interested in preventing animal abuse and such.
    So, I would like to know, in preferrably a list form, of what steps I need to take to get involved in th … have heard that you need to be a patrol officer for at least 2-3 years and go through law enforcement school. Is this true? And if so, could I get into this line of work by going to college at the University of Florida?

    • The qualifications for being a animal cop is you have to
      1. If you would like to go directly into the field without being a patrol officer, you should volunteer in you area-county animal shelter or humane society. … get a bachelors degree in animal safety and protection.

      3. Take your references to the humane society and get a interview and with good references and grate love for animals you will be great for the job.