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City of Orlando, Elected Officials telephone, email info

August 27, 2013 – 17:05

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How the Government in Orlando

Municipal Government of Orlando (Orlando City Government) The Alcalde (Mayor) Orlando Township operates a Mayor and Municipal Assembly. The mayor is elected by the residents of Orlando and is responsible for the daily operations of the City. The Mayor serves four-year terms.

The City Council (City Council) The six members of the Municipal Assembly representing a district or section of the township. Members are elected by the residents of the districts and serve four-year terms.

The City Council and Mayor meet regularly to make policy and vote on official business of the municipality.District 1: Phil DiamondDistrict 2: Tony OrtizDistrict 3: Robert F.StuartDistrict 4: Patty SheehanDistrict 5: Daisy LynumDistrict 6: Samuel B.Ings

The City of Orlando is one of the many cities in Central Florida. The Mayor and Municipal Assembly rule over the property within the geographical limits of the city of Orlando. The municipality provides police, fire, parks, recreation, road maintenance, arts and culture, stadiums and shopping (including TD Waterhouse Center and Citrus Bowl), trash removal, permits, licenses and economic development.

For questions or concerns contact local municipal department concerned (see phone book) or contact the Mayor or Commissioner of his district.

Orange County (Orange County) The state of Florida is divided into 67 counties. Orlando is located in Orange County (Orange County). Orange County provides services to all county residents, including police force, recreation, libraries, licenses, marriage licenses, animal control and other services.

The County Chairman (Chairman) is the executive of Orange County government and is elected by all county residents. The County Commission (County Commission) is composed of six commissioners representatives of six separate districts.

For more information, visit the web site at Orange County Orange County's web site .

The Agency for Public Schools Orange County (Orange County Public Schools) The Agency Public Schools Orange County is in charge of public schools with grades kindergarten through twelve. Public School Board of Orange County (Orange County Public School Board) determines the issues and agency directives. The seven members of the board represent different county school districts.

For more information, visit the Public School Agency of Orange County (Orange County Public Schools).

Public universities of Valencia Community College and the University of Central Florida (UCF), and other private universities provide college education for the Central Florida area.

Supervisor of Elections (Supervisor of Elections) U.S. citizens have the right to vote. Orlando residents must register to vote or to find your precinct at the Supervisor of Elections Office .

Public Open Government (Sunshine) State legislators, city commissioners and the governor must operate all matters of government open to the public. Known as the standard "Government in the Sunshine", all meetings must be open to the public and recorded for public review. This rule allows citizens to review and take part in government decisions and maintains all threads of government affairs open to the public.


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