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The habitat of the Florida panther, once stretched throughout the southeastern United States, has fallen consistently in recent decades. At present, the Florida Panther seeks refuge in the Florida Everglades. At present, between 50 and 70 adult panthers remain in the southwestern part of Florida. These Panthers are animals that are most at risk of extinction in the world. Picture: Change in the home range of the Florida Panther from 1500 to the present. , Comisión de Pesca y Vida Silvestre de Florida. Graphic courtesy of Network Florida Panther , Committee on Fisheries and Wildlife Florida.
Over the past century, the arrival of settlers and an increase in agriculture in the southern part of Florida have altered the unique features of the historic Everglades. Today it is half its original size. Their water sources have been diverted and controlled for uses such as irrigation of crops, for water supplies in cities and for flood control.

In recent decades, people have realized the negative environmental impact that caused the remove water from the Everglades ecosystem. Private and government agencies have begun to fight for the protection of the Everglades and people are taking a special interest in preserving and restoring this unique ecosystem which is the wetland. In 1989, the "Modified Water Deliveries to Everglades National Park" ("Mod Waters") was authorized by the Expansion and Protection Act of Everglades National Park in 1989. This law authorized the restoration of the natural cycle of flow and water level through the Florida Everglades. In 1994, the Law of the Everglades Forever ("Everglades Forever") was approved. This plan provides a complete cleaning and restoration that addresses the problems of quantity, quality and Water flow rate and level. Photo: flood control structure in South Florida. Photo courtesy of Robert Myers.

However, the preservation and restoration of the Florida Everglades probably not be as easy as opening a floodgate of a dam and pump water to the affected area. The restoration of the flow of water to these wetlands has had both positive and negative. Some of the more complicated factors have caused controversy. For example, in the Wildlife Refuge Everglades restoration are concerned with the flow and natural water level through the Everglades, as this could further jeopardize the Florida Panther. The Wildlife Refuge Everglades has asked you to help address your concerns with the Florida Panther. We are asking you to help us analysis system Earth Sciences (ESS for its acronym in English-"Earth System Science"), specifically the impact that the restoration of water level and flow in the lithosphere , hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere of the Everglades ecosystem. . F oto : Pantera de Florida. ESS Based on this analysis, you have to make predictions about the future of the Florida Panther. F oto: Florida Panther. Photo courtesy of © Larry Richardson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of the United States.

ESS Protocol First, you must perform a system scan Earth sciences. Then, you have to make some predictions, based on ESS analysis results, regarding the future of the Florida Panther.

Below is the steps to help you on your task at hand for the Wildlife Refuge Everglades.


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Book (Southeast Ass. of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)
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