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August 27, 2013 – 14:24

This fact was written last year, but due to incomplete content, so has not been made ​​public. As I recently because of busy work, leading to the master update is slow, so I filled out this first look, many omissions please forgive me.


事件 Part I Event

Whether campus gun fire events or Boston bombings. The United States and in the world, once again raised about the gun control, violence in movies declared dye, induced homicides, etc. related discussions. I want to be contacted by May last year in the United States occurred in the same appalling events to explore a contemporary popular entertainment and contemporary social reality in the cultural image of the link.

In May 26, 2012 around two in the afternoon, Miami, Florida, there was a shocking incident. Absent or rarely deserted wilderness deep in the mountains, on the highway. A U.S. police found a shirtless man who is attacking another a man, he grazed the victims living men face, Chelan nose and pull out the left eye bloody swallowing, blood sprayed over the entire upper body, police shot and stop the invalid to kill him.

The perpetrators of this attack (left) and victim (Right)

According to the Boston newspaper records, the details are: on the highway MacArthur Causeway export heard the shots, a road rescue truck driver saw a naked man being grazed munching another person's face, the driver slams onto the large Speaker requires Naked Tuikai, a woman also witnessed the entire incident, and immediately dialed call the police.

Soon a police officer arrived and immediately request the cannibal man raised his hands to stop the action, but the men turned a deaf ear, continue to attack; therefore drew police kill him. But strange is that the naked man was shot in the rear, and did not immediately fall to the ground or stop the attack, so that the police officers under extremely surprised, continuous shooting can not take action until a naked man down. Victims being eaten transferred to the hospital first aid, Miami Police said the praise and honor the police officers killed cannibal naked and shows victim might be a tramp, did not disclose the identity of detail.

The text of the message is the same day. 的黑人男性,而受害者則是六十五歲名為Ronald Edward Poppo。 Since this event is highly topical and news, and so was the much discussed soon reported that after a 31-year-old assailant was called Eugene (Rudy Eugene) of black men, and the victim is 65 named Ronald Edward Poppo.

的強力迷幻藥或毒品,吸食後會使人產生嚴重的幻覺幻聽、失去理性與疼痛感,並產生暴力傾向和超出平常的力氣。 The autopsy report noted that Eugene's stomach and no obvious signs of human meat to digest, for Eugene's net worth detailed investigation, indicated that he had divorced but no kids; despite violence, drug abuse and other criminal record, but not enough to use to explain this "cannibalism Event"; Finally, the reasons therefore focus on a technique called "bath salts (Bath Salts)" powerful hallucinogens or drugs, smoking will cause serious human auditory hallucinations, irrational with pain, and produce violent tendencies and beyond the usual effort.


United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Miami, Florida (SuDoc HE 20.7125/2:96-0083-2628)
Book (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

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If you have a treadmill that you're using to exercise your dog without a note from your vet, you will be cited for having it under the auspicies of section 42.1 of the healthcode pertaining to Fight Training. Evidence of a "dangerous animal" is different. If you're reported for putting weights on your dog and using a treadmill without a vet's note, you're in violation of that section of the health code. If you don't like it, either run for a seat on the board of supervisors or take it up with them.
Just FYI, Miami-Dade County in Florida just banned four different types of dog, The Am-Staff, the Am-Staff Bull Terrier, the American Pit Bull and any dog that "looks like them"


Successful because the department has been compiling bite statistics only since 2005.
In Broward, 616 dog bites were reported to county animal control in 2007. In Miami-Dade, that number was 992. Terrier mixes are the No. 1 dangerous dog, and pit bulls (which include the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and the Staffordshire terrier) were the top dangerous dog in Broward.
Thurston believes the bill has a good chance of passing. And even if it is defeated, he believes the dialogue generated will result in a some middle-ground solution

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