G1 - Cat invades home and attacking two residents in Florida

December 13, 2012 – 00:00

Animal entrou pela porta do cachorro e mordeu duas moradoras (Foto: Reprodução),um gato entrou em uma casa usando a porta do cachorro e,ao avistar as moradoras da casa,mordeu e arranhou duas mulheres,que precisaram trancar o animal no banheiro e chamar o serviço de contole de animais. In Cape Coral,in the U.S. state of Florida,a cat entered a house using the door to the dog,and the sight of the residents of the house,bit and scratched two women,who had to lock the animal in the bathroom and call the service of contole animals.

Animals entered the door of the dog and bit two residents (Photo: Playback)

Barb Glover told the broadcaster "Kare 11" that when he tried to scare the cat,the cat jumped up and bit one of her wrists,and when he turned his arm to try to get rid of the animal,he managed to grab the other woman's arm "My mother had the instinct to kick the cat and he came back to bite her.Barb Glover mostra as mãos enfaixadas,após o ataque do felino (Foto: Reprodução) He had a lot of pressure on the bite,screamed in pain,"he said.

The women managed to arrest the invador in a bathroom and called the fire department and animal control service,which went into the house and the cat trapped in a cage.

While Glover's mother suffered minor injuries,the woman took the full 20 points after the assault.Barb,who declares animal lovers,the report revealed that the cat wants to be sacrificed."It needs to be destroyed,it is not safe."

Barb Glover shows his bandaged hands,after the attack of the cat (Photo: Playback)

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Source: g1.globo.com

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If you go to West Palm Beach Florida

And this will only work if you have a pit bull. Take your pit to animal control and they will fix him and give him his shots for free. otherwise at the time for any other breed it was 15 bucks to fix and 5 or 10 dollars a shot. good luck. this was at least 3 years ago so I don't know if they still do it.

Did you try Googling?

I found a few:
But since I'm not in Orlando, I don't know what is closest to you. You can also try calling Animal Control to see if they have referrals. Keep it warm, dark and quiet and get it to rehab first thing in the morning. It'll be fine unless there are other injuries, conditions that probably couldn't be treated tonight anyway.

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