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August 27, 2013 – 14:25

Intersection of highways 310 and SP 225 SP administered by the concessionaire

Centrovias, one of the nine dealerships OHL Brazil, is responsible, since 1998, by 218.2 kilometers covering 12 municipalities in the North Central region of the state of São Paulo, with a population of approximately one million inhabitants, about 3 % of the state population. The company part of Highway Concession Program of the Government of the State of São Paulo and its activities are regulated and supervised by Artesp (Transportation Agency of the State of São Paulo). The operation of the roads is carried out in accordance with the concession agreement with the Government of the State of São Paulo, through the state Department of Transportation.

Centrovias manages a road network of 218.2 km in length comprising the Highways SP 310 (Washington Luís) of the Cordeirópolis São Carlos, SP 225 (Engineer Paul Romano Nile) of the Ityrapina Jau, SP 225 (Commander João Ribeiro de Barros) Jau Bauru. Daily through the system Centrovias approximately 68, 000 vehicles.

According to the concession agreement signed on June 19, 1998, the dealership's commitment is to recover, preserve, expand and modernize highways, and provide care services to users and deploy equipment operation and control traffic to ensure comfort , security and satisfaction to drivers and pedestrians.

Highway operations

Centrovias has an operational structure that involves many professionals. Users have to provision services like: prehospital care, care of vehicles with mechanical problems, animal rescue on track vehicles for fire fighting, traffic inspection and constant 0800 for requesting service all operating 24 hours.

Are, in all, 45 support vehicles and rescue, six ambulances, a car doctor ten winches, two trucks for fire fighting, three-trailer trucks to arrest and transport of animals, six vehicles for traffic inspection, two multipurpose trucks two scales furniture and 22 vehicles support. To request service, ask questions about the granting of the highway or make complaints and suggestions to the dealership, Centrovias users can call 0800 17 8998.

ISS for surrounding cities

Source: www.centrovias.com.br

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