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Connecticut toughens control over weapons, but far below the national law | International | DW.DE

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Town of Farmington

Four months after the massacre of Newton, the state government passed one of the country's toughest laws on weapons. However, few believe that the legislation will be model nationally.

The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, signed on Thursday (04/04) a new gun control law, one of the strictest in the United States. Approved under protests from pro-gun groups, the legislation is a response to the death last December of 20 children and six teachers in a primary school in Newton, the greatest massacre in the history of the state.

The law puts over 100 types of weapons in the ban list; prohibits the sale of high capacity chargers, and provides a control background for new buyers. From now on, anyone who wants to buy rifles, pistols and ammunition in Connecticut will have to obtain a certificate through fingerprint and take courses of fire.

"It's a message that should resonate in the other 49 states and Washington, " said state Senate President Donald E. Williams. "We approve here, and they should adopt in their respective states and in Congress."

The way Washington, however, is long, a national law is unlikely - at least in the short term. Unlike Hartford, where Democrats are in the majority in both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans.

Threats to the approval of a federal law

In the national Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, a group formed by five Republican senators have sent a letter to the leader of the government bench, Harry Reid, threatening to obstruct through legislative maneuver "any law that infringes the right of the American people own guns or the ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance. "

Senator Rand Paul has threatened to veto legislation on gun control with legislative maneuver

The threat was made after the decision to Reid does not incorporate the prohibition of gun ownership laws in future projects. The Democrat said that in an optimistic scenario, the ban would receive less than 40 votes in favor - and to convene the final vote is required at least 60.

"I believe that if legislation on gun control spending by the House of Representatives, there will be anyway a majority in the Senate, so a legislative maneuver is useless, " said Kristin Goss DW, policy expert on weapons.

The proposal by Senator Diane Feinstein included, for example, the prohibition of sale of chargers with over ten rounds. Although a bill is not on the broader agenda of Congress, some points can be voted on separately as amended.

According to Goss, it was expected that the proposed ban on the possession had not passed the Senate. But that does not mean the end of the implementation of a broader legislation on gun control. "I believe that if there was a bill, it would be very bad for the whole project, it would be the end of negotiations for many senators, who might be willing to vote in favor of the control history, " he explained.


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Are you missing this??(you are breaking the law)

I would like to inform the person responsible for shooting the random animals that doing so is a crime in the state of Oregon. You are only allowed to shoot domestic animals if they are threatening livestock and or people. Any other act of this nature can be considered 1st degree animal abuse-a class a misdemeanor. We can find your address if needed. I would say that shooting a litter of kittens would be an easy conviction. If you have a problem with stray animals on your property, you can call animal control at 693-6911 and or the Humane Law Enforcement at 923-0882 ext. 104.

Guess I should have explained better

Sam, the red lab. You may know him as the Maple Bar Bandit. He had a rough time here in Fairbanks this winter. My mother in law has been begging for two years for us to retire him (he is my companion animal) to Oregon where it will never reach -55. I have my doubts everyday about this but agreed to it. He is my soul mate doggie style and it has taken a lot of self control not to pick up the phone and tell her I changed my mind. It is best for him, but his best buddy Chloe and myself are going to miss him horribly.

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  • Avatar Amy N How does it work with the airlines when flying a cat from one state to another?
    Mar 10, 2008 by Amy N | Posted in Air Travel

    My co-worker is giving away her 2 yr old cat before her daughter is born. My in-laws are interested in keeping it. I live in FL and they live in CT. I don't have time to drive the cat up there and they don't have time to drive down here. Would the airlines transport the cat or are there animal courier services? If anyone has done this or has details, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • I have had to fly my dog cargo a couple of times. You have to call the airline directly. There are temperature guidelines, so make sure you ask if they have temperature control in the area they cat will be flying.
      …schedule flights for CT to FL so you will know which airlines and what time would be convenient for you and your friend to go to the airport, then call that airline and ask what the guidelines are. Ask lots of questions.