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Alabama man to eat free Laofan bank robbery

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

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WASHINGTON July 28, 2013 Reuters WASHINGTON reporter Wang Zhu Alabama roundup Alabama named Richie. Lawrence. Gardner (Rickie Lawrence Gardner) 49-year-old man, in order to solve the problem of food and shelter, at the bank robbery, sent to prison himself. Gardner from Moulton, Alabama, a small town called, the day he entered the bank, from the counter and handed the teller a note that said: "I have a gun, give me the money." Robbery succeeds, Gardner took a bag of cash, went outside and put the money locked up in his car. Then he sat on a bench in front of banks, patiently waiting for the police to catch him. Moulton Police Chief Lyndon - Mike Waters says, "When the poor for so many years, or the first time to see such a robber."

Driven by Gardner to make such incredible things, it is probably because a leg injury caused him unable to work long term, it may face homelessness impasse, maybe he thinks prison is the solution to survive a good choice. In order to obtain a longer sentence, claiming he had painstakingly carry a gun.

Heartbreaking is that this guy impoverished might think to give up his freedom is perhaps the best way to survive and perhaps other reasons. In fact, Alabama's level of social welfare is the worst in the nation. TANF assistance (TANF) for a family of two is only $ 190 a month, far below the federal poverty line, $ 14, 710 annual income.

Alabama's policy so that low-income residents become increasingly difficult for Medicaid. Although in some states, such as Arizona and Ohio's Republican governor has accepted Obama policies to reduce low-income Medicaid application line, and the federal government to provide full funding of the first three years, but Alabama has refused to perform, so , so that tens of thousands of low-income people get free medical care. In fact, before lowering Medicaid eligibility criteria, Alabama residents have been very difficult to apply, such as Gardner's singles, the annual income of more than 1, 332 U.S. dollars in Alabama has been regarded as income over can get Medicaid qualify it.

Worse, even though Gardner got his wish to eat free meals being thrown in jail, can Alabama prison system is already overcrowded and severely underfunded. Currently, the state government slashed government budgets, a shortage of funds the prison system will be more worse.


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--Friday, November 14, 2008 8:36 PM - Incoming Email - I don't know how it can be addressed if the Humane Society won't do anything about it. But I quit going in there years ago. Crowded, dark, birds in not very clean cages. They didn't have macaws in the store back then. But I didn't like the place. Thanks for bringing this up.
--Friday, November 14, 2008 8:38 PM- Incoming Email - I am just now seeing your posting. Have you tried contacting the ASPCA. They deal with animal cruelty etc. And the Labor Board is probably who you need to contact about the underage son working even though I don't know if they will handle it since it is their son and you will probably have to prove he is employed there

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