Florida Animal Control Laws

Man released balloons to girlfriend and goes to jail for pollution offenses - Portal Radio FM Tenderness Ibitinga

August 27, 2013 – 14:24

Florida Association of Kennel Clubs

In a motel in Dania Beach, in the state daFlórida (USA), a man wanted to make a romantic gesture for girlfriend and let 12 balloons in the shape of heart for the beloved. The act, however, was regarded as a serious crime by local police, and made ​​the 'Don Juan' was held.

According to the newspaper "Sun Sentinel", Anthony Brasfield, 40, was arrested for the crime of the third degree, since this type of activity is considered too dangerous for the environment and for the animals, according to the laws of state.

Anthony was arrested on charges of pollution harmful to people, animals and plants, according to the law of water pollution control and air Florida. The legislation states that balloons are dangerous because they can travel several miles and endanger the lives of turtles, birds, dolphins, among others, since objects can be mistaken for food by animals.

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Bsl banning pit bulls in florida

Proposed hb 189 is bsl and hb 451 mandaters mandatory spay/n
if you are worried about pits and other dogs being made illeagle go to and see what you can do to possibly stop this or by owning a 'dangerous YOU will be non compliant and subject to florida laws
by owning any intack cat or dog you will be subject to finds and/or jail
your animal could be taken by animal control for any noncompliance

I don't know about Florida,

But where I am, the hospital WILL have to file a report with Animal Control for all animal related injuries. Hate to break it to you, but you ain't getting off so easy as "Need dog trained only!!".
Get off this site and goolge away. Google behaviorists, trainers, but FIRST! Google the laws surrounding dog bites. And still dig out ALL your records for this dogs vetting up to this point.

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