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Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ) are public health facilities that have the fundamental task of preventing and controlling zoonoses (eg rabies and leishmaniasis , as well as dengue and Chagas disease ), developing systems for health surveillance and epidemiological .

They perform their functions by controlling populations of domestic animals ( dogs , cats and large animals) and control animal populations synanthropic ( bats , pigeons , rats , mosquitoes , bees among others). This action is based on educational work, seeking to clarify and rely on the cooperation and participation of the whole society , supplemented by legal actions and tax.

At the local level, national and international , the CCZ constantly develop and organize programs for training , internships , update and exchange among professionals working in this specific area.

It also allowed the Centers for Zoonosis Control, practicing euthanasia on animals since performed with humane methods.

A well known service of the Centers for Zoonosis Control is to capture stray animals, reducing the risk of car accidents and infectious diseases among animals, as well as the control of major zoonoses carried by famous pushcart.

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I know!

And frankly, I don't really understand the anti fur people at all. if you don't like fur, don't wear the damned fur.
As an atheist, I can't really make the argument that a god put certain animals on the earth for humanity. I can say however, that being at the top of the food chain gives us certain dominion over the animals - which I suppose is me ripping off Genesis and invalidating the whole atheist argument, but you get the point.
Can't kill them, can't relocate them. I remember a story - I think it was actually in CT - where some rare bird took residence and began nesting in some guy's house

It is a great answer.

Because it is a perfect allegory for what you're doing.
This is a classic CT debate tactic - the "Look over there, something sounds like it should be relevant but it's not, so let's talk about it and maybe we'll even have a simultaneous and clearly inane argument about what I've actually stated in black and white, and in the meantime, let's try to discredit the poster!"
Whether or not I've said anything to someone else on any particular subject has zero to do with you or the legitimacy of any statement I've made to you. Zero. You are the queen of the ancillary issue.

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Bailey- Available pup at the District Animal Control- Woodbridge, CT
Bailey- Available pup at the District Animal Control- Woodbridge, CT
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  • Avatar Kayla I want to know if my career plan and life plan will be good for me. Details below?
    May 29, 2013 by Kayla | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    So I live in Jonesville Virginia. This is my plan. I am going to graduate highschool at Lee High School in Ben Hur Va. While I am in high school I am going to vollunteer at the local animal hospital and animal shelter. T …ea. I will build barns and stqbles and run a horse farm on the side. Horses have always been my passion. Also once I get settled I will be a foster for sick animals to rehabilitate them.Is this a good career plan for me?

    • How do you expect to pay for college and support yourself in Montana?

      Also, Montana doesn't even have veterinary schools.

  • Avatar coopchic Where can a 6 year old volunteer?
    Nov 07, 2007 by coopchic | Posted in Community Service

    I have a six year old daughter and I am wanting her to do some volunteering of some kind...Most likely with animals because she always wanting another animal. We have two cats and she does minimal work for them she will …too so there would be a legal gardian present and it would be fun to do it together...I was hoping we could help with kennel cleaning and other things similar..

    Any ideas??

    Tampa, Florida

    • Six years old may be a little early. But here are ideas:

      1. Church activities
      2. Find a senior and have her help you do something nice for them.
      3. Make items for kids in shelters (e.g. bags filled with items from the dollar store).